Website: The Importance Of Images

Can you imagine a website without images? Not. Photographs, graphics, illustrations are among the essential elements of a site, and in fact, they deserve our full attention. The integration of visuals is not to be taken lightly!

Respect the technique

Image processing is part of the training base for web designers. Too heavy (greater than 200 kb), they will take too long to load, leading to a double “penalty”: the impatience of the Internet user who then risks leaving the page, and the disenchantment of Google who will not even take worth the scan (a terrible point for natural or paid to reference). Likewise, images that are too small and pixelated and of low-quality risk causing disinterest on the part of the Internet user. Remember that the visual impacts the visitor arouses emotion and leaves a lasting mark on people’s minds. It is therefore essential not to neglect it!

Choosing the right images

A visual is off-topic and a bad image of the site that is given.. Therefore, the first criterion for choosing your photo must be its consistency with the purpose. It must “announce the color” and instantly inform the Internet user of the nature of the content he will read. The second criterion of choice relates to the emotion that your image must arouse. Ask yourself the right questions “should my image make you smile?” “Should my image move? “Etc. Defining your target will help you make the right choice: the B2B universe will be more sensitive to infographics, consumers, to photographs. For example, it will be more explicit for a site presenting training as a building designer to highlight illustrations, of the sketch type, than photos of buildings.

Anticipate uses

In the age of 2.0 and the success of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), taking care of your profile is unmistakable. And this undoubtedly goes through the image. Your message is relevant, but the visual which illustrates it is irrelevant? You will go unnoticed in the timeline of cybernauts, drowned in a flood of information and images better highlighted.

A well-chosen, technically usable, relevant, and the eye-catching image will capture the attention of your target, which will make it more permeable to your message!

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