How To Identify Hoaxes And Fake News About Covid-19

We live in difficult times and many times, instead of helping us, what they do is create more fear and panic around us. We must be very careful about what we receive through WhatsApp, what we see on social networks or even the news that appears on our mobile. So we want to give you some tips and tricks to differentiate news bulletins about COVID-19.

Possibly if we are young and have grown up with technology under our arms, it will be very easy for us to know when a news is real or they are trying to deceive us. The problem comes when the elderly or those who are not so related to technology, find this false news. Those of us who have more knowledge have to try to help them in any way we can, especially in times like those we are experiencing.

The Keys To Identifying Hoaxes And Fake News About The Coronavirus Or Other Topics

To know when they are trying to stay with us, we must look at some main aspects that we are going to explain. Afterwards, there are always ways to carry the deception further, although at first, this can give us the answer.

Has It Been Published By A Recognized Source?

The first thing we should know is who is giving the news because on many occasions we receive links that do not really correspond to newspapers, television channels or digital media that we can trust.

Many times these media try to earn our clicks despite being cheating on us. We must continue on social networks and visit websites where we know that the news is really reliable, to avoid doubts and misunderstandings.

Do Not Believe Everything You Receive On WhatsApp

Although WhatsApp can be a good tool to keep in touch with friends and family, it is also a very fast means of spreading hoaxes and fake news. In the event that we receive voice memos, images or any type of messages from the application, we should not take it into account.

When the message appears as forwarded, we can be sure that it is a chain that may have been invented by anyone and if it were true, we had already seen it on television, heard it on the radio or seen it on the Internet.

Images And Videos Do Not Show The Reality

Despite seeing an image or a video on a specific topic on our mobile, it could have been manipulated so that we see a reality that does not exist. We must be aware of this and contrast the news in the way that we are going to explain.

How To Check If A News Item Is True

The simplest and fastest way is to do a Google search, in case that is real, we will find it in several recognized media. In some cases, the news is likely to be delivered using different words, but what is certain is that if it is real, it will not only appear on a web page.

Read All The News Before Taking It For Good

The headline is likely to say one thing, but actually the news treats the subject much more lightly. This is a resource that some media use to get our attention.

To a certain extent, this is a hoax, because it can cause sensations in us that really are not as they tell it. Therefore, we must read and analyze everything they indicate to know the truth.

Look At The Date And Author Of The News

In most recognized websites, we will find the date the news was published. This can be decisive to know if the news is current or is something that happened a long time ago.

The same happens with the author, in the sites that are dedicated to misinforming, a recognized author does not usually appear so as not to be guilty of hoaxes and deceits. By looking at these two sections, we can quickly know if the news is real.

Google And Facebook Are Already Ending Fake News

Two of the companies where we read the most news are trying to end the hoaxes using artificial intelligence and experts in the sector. It is important that the Internet does not become a space where anyone can invent news and achieve this, this first step is very important.

If you come across any false news, both platforms add more information buttons to report the content and thus we will avoid seeing it again or that someone could be deceived. We can do this customizing Google Discover news, as we have already taught you.

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