How Far Can I Travel With My Passport? Find Out On Your Mobile

Years ago travelling involved great preparations, many problems and headaches. At the time of leaving Spain, difficulties arose because there were not so many facilities to move around, both in transport, given that the planes had a very high price, as well as on the road, where we were limited by circulation permits between countries. But luckily technology continues to help us in all possible facets.

Now the facilities we have are many and allow us to move freely throughout the European Union just by carrying our ID. If we have a passport, something that we can easily get, the countries and cities that we can visit grow, even more, making tourism very easy, we will only have to look for a flight or means of transport and find where to stay.

The Web Page That Tells Us Where We Can Travel

Once you know the website that we are going to present to you today, your trips will never be the same, find out how far you can travel without having to take out special permits or visas that in some cases cost extra money.

That website is called and it has only been in operation for a short time but its popularity is making it a must for all those who hesitate when travelling and know very well where the limits are. Although the website is in English, it will be very easy to understand or we can always use Google Chrome’s automatic translator.

How Does It Work?

To use it we can access both on our mobile or computer, in addition to tablets. As soon as you access the web, it will automatically detect which country we are in, but if we want to change it, we only have to type in the search engine the country from which we want to obtain information.

We are going to carry out our process with the Spanish passport so that it can also serve as information for your trips. Once we click on LET’S GO! Our trip will begin and we will be able to see in which country we can only enter with our passport.

On the right side of the web we find a map where, through colours, it explains to us in a simple and interactive way the places where we can enter with our passport or the permits we need. Each colour has a meaning, we explain them to you:

  • Gray: Our own country and its limits
  • Light green: countries where we can travel with our passport and without any permission
  • Yellow: countries where you need a visa
  • Blue: countries that need a visa and can do it online
  • Dark green: countries where the visa is obtained upon arrival

This map is interactive, which means that we can navigate through it, to get closer and see it in more detail, as well as we can mouse over the countries to see where their borders are and click on them to obtain precise information about the visa what do we need.

On the left side, we find a list of countries that we can alternate between distances, type of visa we need or even the average price of flights. The intention of this list is to make easier the destinations that we can choose for our vacations.

We Must Take Into Account The Languages

When making a trip it is very important to know how far we can go with our passport, but we also have to take into account the languages ​​spoken or else we can see ourselves in a bit complicated times.

Languages ​​are also important on this website, so when we make our search for countries as a tourist destination, we must look at the party where it indicates the language that is officially spoken.

Along with these data, others appear, such as, if it is a developed country, the time difference with our country, its capital, the currency they use and the number of inhabitants. These data can be very important for different reasons and it is always good to know them.

Plugs, The Big Problem Of Technology In Travel

We who are passionate about technology, we can not forget electronic devices and we must take them with us. To be able to use it we will need plugs and not everyone uses the same ones as in Spain, so before travelling we recommend you to know the type of plug that is in each country, to take from here the adapter that we need and do not remain incommunicado if the battery of our mobile is exhausted or we can not use the camera.

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