Get Your Lost Data Recovered Easily By Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Getting the lost data from your device is always a challenging problem and it’s also not easy to recover the lost data. Sometimes, unfortunately, our data will be deleted mistakenly, or suddenly in some situations, it will get deleted so many people will always search the queries like “ how to get our data recovered” and etc.

For those people, we in tech updates daily suggesting a highly rated and topmost free recovery software called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. This is one of the easy and most used software used to recover our data that has been lost from our device.

Here in our article, we discussed deeply what is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and its features with a detailed tutorial for how to use it.

Features Of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data Recovery software can bring back your data from all types of data losses with an easy and simple process. Below are the situations where this software can help in retrieving your lost data from your device or PC

Emergency Data Recovery

This is mainly used when mess-ups like file-infecting virus attacks, sudden machine crashes, and extreme boot screw-ups come with statistics loss issues.

Formatted File Recovery

This comes when we suddenly format our device storage unknowingly which may lead to loss of total data from the device. We can bring back through this software in such situations.

Storage Media Recovery

This type of recovery is done when internal/external HDD, SD card, USB drive, video player, and other supported devices lose their data.

Lost Data Recovery

When we suddenly press the delete option or empty the recycle bin folder completely then EaseUS comes up with the option called Lost Data Recovery.

Partition Recovery

When partitions get deleted or lost EaseUS Data Recovery will help. I can spot the lost partition directly during the scan process and present it in the result.

EaseUS Data Recovery wizard software will not only just bring back your lost data it also helps in the repairment of the damaged or corrupted JPEG/JPG photos and damaged MP4/MOV camera videos easily, which makes it good photo recovery software.

Steps To Get Your Data Recovered By EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

We mentioned 3 easy steps for how to recover your data simply by using EaseUS data recovery software:

Step 1: We must select a location to start recovering data

Step 2: Then start scanning your device

Step 3: Preview the lost data and get recovered the data you want back in your device


Thus by using EaseUS data recovery software, you can bring back your lost data in a simple and easy process free of cost if the data amount is less than 2GB. And there is also an option for paid versions which will offer more features and specifications when compared to the free one.

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