Digitization, Home Office And Cyber Security

On the one hand, digitization is a great blessing. Because without the possibility of working from home, the corona pandemic would hit the economy even harder. On the other hand, working from home is a security gap that should not be underestimated.

You too have certainly had a so-called phishing email in your inbox. Disguised as the sender of a well-known company, cybercriminals use such a scam to gain access to networks and data. Sometimes the emails are very amateurish and you can tell immediately that it is an attempt at fraud. In the meantime, however, these emails have been processed more and more professionally, so that according to estimates they are responsible for over 20 percent of all cyber attacks on companies.

Working from home increases cyber risk

With mobile working, the risk of “falling for” a phishing email increases. Colleagues are often much more distracted in their own four walls, may have to take care of children and household at the same time and don’t have a real study to retreat to. Accordingly, one is less attentive when reading the emails and then a short click on the wrong link or the infected attachment is enough and the cyber criminal has found his or her gateway into the company network. But even the domestic IT equipment does not always meet the security standards that would actually be necessary to adequately protect IT infrastructures and data in the short time available.

Create more awareness

The home office will certainly be with us for quite a while. And even beyond the corona pandemic, mobile working will gain in importance. It is all the more important to sensitize the workforce to information security issues. Digitization plays an important role for many companies – including Creditplus Bank. Many of our business processes are already 100 percent paperless, such as our digital application process. The importance that information security has in the company is correspondingly high – especially in the current phase in which up to 100 percent of colleagues work from home. With our internal cyber awareness campaign, we want to ensure that each and every one of us recognizes possible threats from the World Wide Web and therefore does not fall into the traps that are laid again and again. It is therefore important for us to properly raise awareness of this.

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