6 Clever Digital Marketing Strategies That Can Help You To Grow Your Online Store

In the past few decades, technology has massively altered our lifestyle. From the banking sector to the medical field, and even in the education system, everything is digitalized.

Gone are those days when manual labor and efforts were needed to perform a task. The millennials of this era firmly believe in ‘Work Smart and Not Hard.’ So, why don’t we apply the same trick to the businesses?

Every entrepreneur puts his maximum efforts to make his business grow. When it comes to an online business, the efforts of the entrepreneur are somewhat reduced in certain areas but, when it comes to marketing and advertising, he has to step up his game.

There are tens of thousands of eCommerce stores. Which means higher competition and fewer chances of survival. If an eCommerce store fails to compete in the market, it’ll soon vanish.

So, how can you grow your online store and survive a tough market competition?

The simple answer to this query is Powerful Marketing Strategy.

Marketing is as essential for the business as oxygen for the human body. If a brand fails to develop a concrete marketing strategy, it won’t survive in the market for long.

If you have an online store and want to make it reach the heights of success, then you need clever digital marketing strategies.

We have selected the six most clever and effective eCommerce marketing strategies. It will not only help you to capture the attention of your targeted audience but will also increase the sales volume.

Ready? Let’s get started!

1. Develop An Attractive Website

Would you like to shop in a shady shop? With boring walls and interior? Of course not. You would love to shop from a place which is glamorous and looks elite.

Your online store should be the same. When people come to your website, they shouldn’t get boring and dull vibes.

It only takes 0.05 seconds for a user to form an impression about your website. Therefore, make sure your website leaves a good impression and they choose to stay there.

Consider the following points to make your website attractive:

a. Friendly User Experience

Online shopping is done in minutes. This gives very minimum time to the seller to make up the mind of the user visiting his website

The website should be user friendly. If the website has a troublesome menu or loads of navigation or text content, it frustrates the user and he leaves the website.

Keep your website simple, attractive, and elegant without adding too many elements.

b. Responsive

Online buyers don’t have time to switch on their laptops, log on to your website, and then make a purchase, absolutely no.

Users prefer online shopping to be easy rather than a task. Make sure your website is responsive to every device.

The majority of the users use their mobile to read emails, use social media, and to make purchases. If your online store is mobile friendly then congratulations, your sale will soar high.

c. High-Resolution Images

Users do not want just one picture of the product. They want multiple pictures with different angles.

Adding high-quality pictures with a zoom-in option will help the buyer to get a feel for the product.

However, make sure that the pictures do not take long to load. If this happens be ready to bid farewell to your potential customers.

d. User Reviews

Allowing the feedback of the customers on the website can prove to be a sale booster for your business.

About 95% of people read user reviews before making any purchase from a store.

Allowing customers to give feedback will also allow you to consider all the factors that people like and dislike about your store.

e. Special Offers

Offering discounts, free delivery, deals, etc. makes the buyer think that it is a win-win situation for them.

Not only do they spend extra time on your online store but are also inclined to shop more.

f. Focus on Website Speed

Websites that take forever to load can never retain customers. Slow and lazy loading irritates the user and he exits on the website without thinking twice. Make sure your website loads quickly.

According to google, the websites that load quickly are ranked on top position in search results.

2. Increase Your Social Media Presence

Social media has become an inseparable part of everyone’s life. Youngster, middle aged, senior citizens are all present on social media.

Make sure your online store has an active page on every social media handle. Having an active social media page on Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, twitter, Tiktok, etc. will help you to target your potential customers and will also increase the brand awareness amongst the general masses.

Social media also allows the owner to answer the queries of the public but also increases the engagement with the customers.

Try to make and maintain your social media pages especially on Facebook and Instagram.

a. Host Giveaways

One of the widely used marketing strategies on social media is to host giveaways. People love it when they get something useful for free. Keep a few simple rules and let me people invite their friends and family members on social media to follow you.

This will increase social media engagement and thus make more people aware about your brand and its identity.

b. Excellent Graphics

Social media and high quality images go hand in hand. Don’t upload plain and boring pictures. Use online tools such as Canva to design the posts for your feed and stories.

People are attracted by aesthetic pictures and cannot resist to tap on it. Make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity and blend with boring and plain pictures.

c. Collab with Influencers

Influencers are the people with wide fan following on their social media handles. Collaborating with them will give your business a chance to be introduced to a mass number of people.

Find the influencer whose content aligns with your business goals and missions. Decide the budget and message of the campaign which will be shared with the followers.

3. Involve Google In Your Marketing Strategy

One of the widely used strategies by numerous online stores is using Google AdWords. Many businesses have flourished and improved their sales volume because of it.

According to google, it receives 1.3 trillion searches every year. Millions and billions of users come to google to solve their problems. That means, google gives you exposure to a large number of audience.

Google AdWords works on the keywords. When the users enter their query in the search bar, it automatically advertises the products or the store which aligns with those keywords.

The ads will be displayed alongside the search results.

Whenever any user enters the query, google responds to the keywords entered and displays the ads of the products and businesses which align with those keywords.

4. Email Marketing

Sounds boring? We know. Email these days are treated as senior citizens. But, email marketing is a useful strategy to boost your sales and retain the customers.

Collect the email addresses of the people who shop from your store. Also encourage them to sign up for the newsletter. You can use your database for email campaigns, to send out special discounts and offers as a part of your ecommerce website marketing strategy.

Increase in your database will help you to make a more refined list of your targeted customers. In the next stage, you can design schemes and offers for separate email lists.

5. Make Relevant Videos

Videos are a great way to demonstrate how to use the product. Making videos which shows how to assemble, use, or clean the product, etc. answers some of the frequently asked questions.

Customers enjoy seeing these videos. Instead of a printed manual, demonstrated video engages the audience and helps answering their query related to the product.

6. Maintain A Blog

A very effective practice to improve your digital marketing skills is to maintain a blog. It not only helps you to enter new keywords which will help optimize your search engine strategy.

Furthermore, your blog becomes a place where you can share a few pieces of advice, some tips and tricks, and connect with your customers.

It’s not always about the sales but rather maintaining and nurturing a healthy relationship with your customers which always goes a long way.

Wrapping it up!

Marketing digitally can be exhausting. However, with a smart strategy and constant effort it will become easy.

There are numerous ways to boost your business sales, but make sure that before selecting and investing on any channel you carefully take into account what your business needs.

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, it has to be clever. Opt for the methods that suit your business the best and bring the desired results.

Ricky Hayes
Ricky Hayes is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Debutify - free Shopify theme, helping dropshippers build high-converting stores in minutes. He is a passionate entrepreneur running multiple businesses, marketing agencies and mentoring programs.

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