Definition Of Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malware: that is, malicious or malicious software. It is a computer program that, by infecting a computer, prevents its normal use or restricts access to documents, demanding payment for the restoration of normal operation.


Typically, the user installs the ransomware without realizing it, by following a deceptive link that appears on a website or in an email. Once installed, this program can encrypt files or even lock the screen.

With the infection already produced, the creator of the ransomware demands a “ransom” to free the system. The amount requested usually depends on the consequences that the attack generates: if ransomware causes financial losses to a company, for example, it is possible that a lot of money will be requested.

The first cases linked to ransomware date from 2005. Often criminals resort to fake messages by posing as reputable companies, incentivizing users to click a link. Whoever falls into the trap ends up installing the ransomware.

Computer security specialists emphasize the importance of prevention to prevent ransomware from affecting computers. This is relevant since, even if the user ends up paying what is asked of him, nothing guarantees that he will regain control and full access to his system.

Experts recommend using a firewall ( firewall ) when surfing the Internet and have an antivirus reliable and updated. Furthermore, they suggest not opening suspicious emails or entering potentially dangerous websites.

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