Definition Of Hyperlink

The notion of hyperlink is used in the field of computing. This is what a link is called: a sequence of characters that gives access to a different document or to a specific part of the same document.

Hyperlinks or links, also called links or links, are key in Internet browsing. Users only need to click on them to move to other web pages or to download a file, for example.

It can be said that hyperlinks are elements that refer to another resource. They are easy to recognize in a web browser since they usually appear in a particular color, underlined, or with some other distinctive feature.

When the hyperlink refers to a different website that you are browsing, it is referred to as an external hyperlink. On the other hand, if you link to a page that is part of the same website, you are talking about an internal hyperlink or a local hyperlink.

Hyperlinks can also refer to an email address or any type of digital document (a spreadsheet, a text, etc.). It is important to mention that although the hyperlink is usually created in a word, it can be included in an image.

Take the case of a writer’s website. On the home page or homepage, the author introduces himself and offers a list of stories by him, detailing the titles of each one. So that the visitor can read the stories, create a hyperlink in each title, which leads to the text in question. Thus, if someone clicks on a word in the phrase “The Adventures of the Scottish Sailor”, it is directed to the work titled that way.

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