Data Cloud: How To Master Migration And Deal With Legacy Systems

There is no doubt that digitization is essential to guarantee the future and sustainability of companies in an increasingly competitive market adapted to new technologies. For many organizations, however, the challenge lies at the very foundation of digital transformation.

The two main problems that a company that wants to opt for solutions in the Cloud as a means of digitization may encounter are: that it is a complex process and requires a clear strategy and methodology; and that every company has legacy systems, or legacy, that must be transformed in some way to take full advantage of the Cloud.

The Approach and Methodology behind Migration

Without a doubt, to master the migration to the Cloud, three essential aspects must be taken into account. The first is to know all the ins and outs of migration: where we start from and where we want to go. Understand well the principles and objective of the transformation.

Second, it is necessary to propose an adequate methodology and develop a strategy that will lead us to achieve the stated objective.

The third aspect that we must take into account is that it takes practice and experience.

Each digital transformation is different and faces unique challenges and difficulties, which leads us to have different approaches and “angles of attack”, although deep down we can always find one of these four main objectives that any organization pursues :

  • Improve operational efficiency, reduce costs.
  • Increase operational excellence.
  • Agility, be faster, react earlier to changes and market requirements.
  • Innovation, that is, facing new projects and business models, how to bring them to market faster, and so on.

Cloud Migration Framework Tools advantages

For migration to the Cloud to be effective, it must be guided by a secure, robust, automated strategy tailored to specific business needs.

With this tool, we accompany our clients in the digital transformation process from the beginning to its conclusion, including along the way how to transform legacy resources and systems, so that nothing is left behind.

These are its main advantages for companies:

  • It allows you to minimize risks, thanks to our extensive experience in application management and transformation.
  • It is carried out in compliance with the strictest standards.
  • It is a highly efficient methodology thanks to our experience.
  • Our Cloud Migration Framework is vendor-independent.
  • Additionally, it supports the AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google frameworks.

Thanks to this approach, we can ensure the modernization of customized IT applications, and also provide a secure and transparent path to digitization.

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