Cyberattacks: It Can Affect Anyone

You can efficiently keep cybercriminals out of your systems with the right measures. Here are three tips for preventing the Domain Name System (DNS) from making life as difficult as possible for attackers.

Make new threats look old

Start your protection at the DNS level and ensure that your threat intelligence is fast, reliable and always up-to-date. Many successful attacks rely on novelty and the DNS layer, which is often insufficiently protected. Be it a “zero-day” exploit of a system that is not yet known and therefore not yet fixed or a new domain that communicates with malware that has been smuggled in. The more unknown the attack vectors are, the more likely the security systems will not react.

So when choosing a security solution, make sure that risk indicators are updated as often as possible. The use of artificial intelligence in security solutions offers further protection. This reliably recognizes so-called domain-generating algorithms that try to circumvent static blocklists with newly generated domain names.

Full network insight

Get an overview of your network. This is the only way to know with whom devices are communicating and whether data is being exfiltrated or there is contact with dangerous domains. Based on this overview, you can then optimally orchestrate your security measures.

The DNS level offers you insights into various devices and communication requests from a single source. With a complete DDI solution (DNS, DHCP and IPAM), you can quickly identify dangerous devices in the network, contain threats and maintain security even in a growing network.

Think like a hacker

Be on a par with attackers: Thinking like an attacker will help you anticipate the next steps. This allows you to proactively counter the threats and gain an important advantage for the defence. One of the central frameworks for this is MITER ATT&CK, which divides attacks into different tactics achieved with specific techniques. This is how attacks are broken down in detail.

It is, therefore, best to opt for a security solution that works hand in hand with such a framework. In this way, you can efficiently put the theory of the framework into practice and, in a security audit, quickly uncover the areas in which improvements need to be made.

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