Artificial Intelligence Online: Managing Your Business Always Under Control

The world is constantly evolving, and every day there are more technological solutions at our disposal. Many novelties reach the business market, and that promise to improve the performance of companies. Online artificial intelligence is one of the innovations with the most potential because it offers valuable information to optimize decision-making.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for machines to have the same capabilities as humans, and to have the power to learn, think, reason, deliberate and decide rationally and intelligently.

The term “artificial intelligence” emerged in 1956, associated with problem-solving projects and symbolic methods. Later, in the 1960s, it was used by the United States Department of Defense to train computers that could mimic basic human reasoning. However, only recently has this technology started to gain traction, fueled by the emergence of Big Data.

Deep learning, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

To teach computers to think, several methods are used that make up the so-called artificial intelligence:

  • Machine Learning – Allows machines to learn with the least amount of data possible, allowing them to develop their own rules based on the data provided, identify patterns and make predictions.
  • Deep Learning – Uses more complex algorithms to learn unsupervised and mimic the brain’s neural network. Artificial neural networks are made up of layers and connections that transmit data in the same way that occurs in human thought, allowing the recognition of speech and natural language, images and learning processes.
  • Natural language processing can find patterns in a large volume of data and understand and interpret human language.

Artificial intelligence online in companies

Much has been said and written about the threat that artificial intelligence can pose to humans, especially when it comes to job losses. But the truth is that history shows us that there is no reason to worry. Artificial intelligence is not here to replace us but to expand our capabilities and make us better at what we do.

Because artificial intelligence algorithms learn differently from humans, they can detect patterns and connections elusive to us. In this way, the collaboration between humanity and artificial intelligence online can offer many opportunities to the business world, such as:

  • Improve the performance of existing analytical systems, such as computer vision and time series analysis;
  • Break down economic and language barriers;
  • Provide a broader analytical view, a better understanding of data, and a better picture of the future.

We can consider artificial intelligence to support data analysis and decision-making, which allows us to understand the company’s direction better and show us ideas that help us identify the way forward. This technology can also help us reduce operating expenses, increase efficiency, and improve the customer and user experience.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Process automation and increased productivity: It is possible to automate routine processes with artificial intelligence systems, allowing teams to focus on other tasks that add more excellent value to the company.
  • Error reduction – These systems have a lower error rate than humans, which makes the processes much more efficient.
  • Improves the relationship with the customer – Interconnected with the CRM system, it is possible to anticipate problems with the customer, analyze the purchase history and suggest products that are more likely to be consumed.
  • Creation of customer profiles – By knowing the complete history of customers, it is possible to divide them by patterns and consumption profiles, launching campaigns with a greater probability of success.
  • Detailed analysis of sales and market trends – Through AI sales analysis, you can obtain a complete analysis of the commercial status of the company, the evolution of margins or consumption in seconds.
  • Optimization of internal processes – Online artificial intelligence also allows you to benefit from internal processes, optimizing stock, logistics or human resources management.

A growing trend

Today it is already possible for an entrepreneur or a small businessman to use the tools offered by artificial intelligence online, whether in marketing, logistics, taxation, human resources or sales.

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