Community Manager Of A Company: Is This The Best Strategy To Adopt?

Also called community animator, the community manager of a company is the one who animates and federates communities on the internet on behalf of a company, an institution, a brand, etc.

This profession, which is still evolving, is closely linked to web 2.0, to the process of digital transformation but above all to the development of social networks. The essence of the profession consists in interacting and exchanging with Internet users, that is to say leading and moderating. In any case, those who manage the communities can still take care of other related tasks.

As this is a relatively new profession, the risk of confusion over names cannot be ruled out. Apart from the community management and the community manager of a company, we also know him as animators or managers of communities, animators or managers of social networks, influencers, moderators, …

What are the missions of the community manager of a company?

In general, the community manager of a company is the one who organizes the exchanges, animates and specifies the objective of the exchanges within the community on the Internet. It is he who reminds us of the rules of communication to be respected by the members of the community.

In addition, he implements a strategy of presence on social media and monitors the e-reputation of customers. In the case of a community of practice where the exchanges are carried out on the field of experience of the community, the community manager of a company aims to promote the exchange of experience between the members of the community.

In this case, he frames and reframes the exchanges on this objective, welcomes and encourages new participants and animates the community by moderating and anticipating their expectations.

A Community manager of a company for the development of the brand image

He tries to take advantage of his visibility with the virtual community to develop a business marketing strategy and possibly a brand image. Thus, through discussion groups, forums, blogs, etc., he identifies the communities on the web likely to make the brand known.

The community manager of a company also defines the objectives of the community. This through communication and promotion on the brand or a product test. The same is true for the measurement indicators which lead to the validation of the objectives achieved.

In some cases, he coordinates recruitment operations for new members and maintains brand awareness. As a result, he uses image or opinion monitoring techniques to monitor his e-reputation in order to promote and retain his community.

Internally, the role of a company’s community manager is to set up an internal communication strategy . This contributes to the improvement of cohesion within the community. In this case, it makes members of the community information relays. It creates topics that will generate debate and experience sharing among Internet users.

The community manager of a company plays the role of facilitator. Indeed, he revives the discussion and ensures the relevance of the answers. It also enforces the general conditions of use of the site as well as the ethics and rules of the community. He is also the moderator of content sent by Internet users.

What interests do you have to set up a community management of a company?

The fact of integrating the community manager of a company in the marketing strategy makes it possible to:

  • Implementing a strategic eco-responsible communication plan
  • Make the image of a company or business more dynamic
  • Broaden the visibility of a brand whose notoriety
  • Implement a multi-channel strategy
  • Improve SEO actions on the web
  • Minimize the budget related to the operating cost
  • Find new customers
  • Optimize the customer relationship strategy
  • Effectively manage the e-reputation of a product or brand
  • Facilitate the promotion and promotion of a product
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