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For knowing about the best and the most advanced plagiarism tool on the web, you have to read today’s content till the end. You guys should know that there are many websites on different search engines that are providing free and paid services for plagiarism checking but what you guys don’t know is that not all of these websites can be trusted with their results as most of them use weak algorithms and a limited database that cannot check your work for any kind of duplication other than intentional and complete plagiarism. We will recommend you guys to only use the tool that has the capability to detect and remove accidental, self and even mosaic plagiarism from your work.

Another fact about plagiarism tools is that their reliability does not depend on them being paid or free, but it only depends on the technology and the algorithms it uses for detection. Lucky for you today, we have gathered the most detailed information about the most advanced and free tool on the web. Free tools are loved more by everyone on the web; may they be related to any walk of life, and this is also one of the reasons we have selected the best-advanced plagiarism checker for you guys!

Plagiarism Checker by Search Engine Reports!

The tool that we are going to talk about today is by the SER; without any delay, we want you guys to know about the features of this plagiarism checker so that if you are planning on using it, you can consume it in a better way!

Database of the plagiarism checker

Unlike other free and paid tools, this plagiarism checker software doesn’t depend on a small database. Rather, the database of the tool is spread over more than billions of web pages that are also updated regularly so that new content is added on the web can be a part of the checking.

Auto article rewriter

If your content has plagiarism, may it be intentional or unintentional, you guys should know that it won’t be a mess for you anymore as this auto rewriting feature of the plagiarism tool can help you rephrase the content automatically after the detection of plagiarism. The tool has the ability to create the best seo friendly content after rephrasing.

Formats of work

You should know that even though you are having PDF, odt, RTF, or even text files, you can easily check them with this plagiarism checker tool. This tool, unlike others, does not only accept only word files; rather, it can check any format of the written file.

Integrations with online content

If you want to check the content that is already published on the web and is indexed as well, then don’t worry you don’t have to take the long route and copy it in the tool rather you just have to add the URL of the content and paste it in the tool, and the tool will check the specific website for plagiarism and duplication. In this way, you can find out who is using your content without credits. You can also exclude the URL links that you don’t want to compare your content with!

Acceptance of languages

Unlike other free and paid plagiarism tools, this tool is not at all limited in checking content in the English language rather it can also check content in more than twenty different languages from around the globe, and that is why this tool is considered to be the best and is accepted all around the world!

Compatible with the cloud

Now this plagiarism checker or essay checker tool is also capable of grabbing content from online sources like Google Drive or Dropbox, so you don’t have to download the files to your device.

Detailed reporting

When you check your work with this tool, the tool will provide you with detailed reports related to the authenticity of your work. The tool will highlight the content that has plagiarism in red color and the unique one in green, plus it will also tell you about the exactly matched sources. You will get a PDF plagiarism percentage report that will help you authenticate your work wherever you submit it!

The use of the tool is also very easy, and you can use it like an expert without any prior connection or experience, you just have to click on this link https://searchenginereports.net/plagiarism-checker and add your text or files in the tool with the best suitable option and click on the ‘check for plagiarism’ button! The tool will use artificial intelligence and advanced checking/detection algorithms to rip any kind of duplication apart and that too in mere two to four seconds per input! You don’t even have to register your account with this tool for unlimited services. Just keep checking once you open the link!

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