5 Creative Techniques That Marketers Should Try

Creativity and ideas move the world today. It is no longer only about artistic creation, but also about changes and solutions for society as a whole, about ideas and innovations in companies, and about the need to realize your ideas and move personally higher. And to be able to communicate them well, marketing without good creative is unimaginable.

But when you sit down at your computer desk or in a team to get something out of yourself, creative ideas come out of your head at a snail’s pace.

It should be a strum. You sit down and the ideas come by themselves. However, you’ve probably already found out that it doesn’t always work that way. Almost never actually.

And even if you have ideas, it can’t be said that they would be exemplary like from a textbook.

If you lack creativity and you don’t want to have ordinary ideas, but come up with something unconventional that catches your eye, try the following techniques.

Mind Maps

Let’s start with a timeless classic. Since it appeared on lists of creative techniques, it has been among the most used strategies for developing creative thinking. Its discoverer, Tony Buzan, noticed that the brain naturally links ideas and concepts together, and mind maps are based on this principle.

You start with one central idea, which you put in the middle of the paper, if you gradually attach other ideas that are related to it. In this way, you create new connections and find new connections, which helps to discover new ideas and solutions.

It is recommended that every SEO agency uses this technique for a better understanding of the customer’s business.

You can use them in many ways:

  • Marketing planning
  • Market and competition research
  • Create personas for better targeting campaign creation (plan, strategy, resources, distribution of tasks, suppliers…)
  • When creating a website
  • Writing down campaign ideas
  • Recording notes from books, conferences, educational videos…

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Lateral thinking

This concept was created by Edward de Bono in the 1960s. Compared to common techniques and procedures, it gives you precise procedures and processes to think creatively.

Normally, people think linearly. This means that if X happens, Y follows. However, things are not always so clear-cut. This is not the case in a rapidly changing environment. Lateral thinking allows you to look at things differently, see new connections and connections, and rethink things from a more creative perspective.

You can use it for:

  • Writing articles and blogs
  • Creation of the main idea of ​​the campaign
  • Creating an innovative strategy for product promotion
  • The discovery of new markets that are not yet so competitive
  • Creating a website
  • Marketing mix

6 thinking hats

This is a technique also created by Edward de Bono. Today it is already used by many companies around the world. Each hat is a metaphor for one way of thinking about the problem you are solving. In total, you can think about one thing in up to 6 different ways, thanks to which you can more easily penetrate to the essence of the matter and discover new connections.

  • The white hat represents orientation to facts, figures and graphs.
  • The red hat represents impressions, emotions and intuitive insight.
  • The black hat represents prudence, judgment and logic.
  • The yellow hat represents optimism and the reasons why the proposed solution is beneficial.
  • The green hat represents creativity, new alternatives and proposals for possible solutions.
  • The blue hat represents meta thinking, keeping the whole process under control and guiding the thinking of others if the debate goes in a different direction than it should.

You can use this technique when:

  • Writing articles and blogs (generating new and fresh perspectives on things that have already been written about x times)
  • Creation of an innovative marketing strategy for product promotion
  • Creation and evaluation of the campaign (whether it has the potential to function and whether adjustments are necessary)
  • SEO optimization ( increasing organic website traffic)


More heads, more knows. You’ve come across this wisdom before, haven’t you. Today, one person cannot do everything alone. Therefore, he often works in teams. Contrary to common assumption, brilliant ideas do not only arise in the heads of individuals. They are often created by joint forces. Just look at the Nobel Prize winners and you will see that most of them were awarded by teams of 2-3 people. And brainstorming is a great way to use creativity in teams. But only if you know the right procedure that takes into account the behavior of the people in the group.

You can use it for almost everything where several people work on the client:

  • Searching for ideas for campaigns
  • Creating a campaign concept
  • Unification of communication for greater effect (PPC advertising, SEO services , social networks, newsletter, TV, print…)
  • Web creation (meeting of copywriter, programmer and designer)
  • Creation of SEO strategy
  • Creation of content marketing plans

Divergent thinking

The term divergent thinking was introduced by one of the early pioneers of creativity research, JP Guilford. It is a thought process to generate new ideas, alternatives and multiple solutions to a single problem. It mainly consists in dividing the problem into several parts or elements, so that by combining them in different ways and looking for new connections between them, you can find an original view that you have not seen before.

You can use it for:

  • Creation of new content topics.
  • Quick creation of original and unconventional ideas for PPC campaigns and SEO services.

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