4 Reasons Why Microsoft Teams Is A Popular Choice For Online Collaboration

Microsoft Teams hit the industry in 2017 and has been going strong ever since. Currently, it’s consistently rated in the top rankings of collaborative tools. Microsoft Teams is a go-to solution when a business wants to increase efficiency and productivity.

This popularity is due in no small part to the spread of virtual work since the pandemic. Business owners and managers scrambled to find a way to organize their teams and keep them connected as the lockdowns and quarantines forced them to go remote.

While competition remains fierce through applications like Slack and Zoom, Teams remains the number one because it offers a customizable all-in-one solution.

If you’ve been considering upgrading to Microsoft Teams for your collaboration software, here are 4 reasons it’s a popular choice.

1. You’ll Get Team Buy-In

Typically, adding new software means another layer of headaches for your team. They have to learn to adapt what they’re currently doing to this new tool. Because Teams integrates into your current applications and makes them easier to use, your employees will appreciate the potential once they’re familiar with it.

Microsoft Teams lets everyone choose their preferred communication methods, switch between them, collaborate on documents in real-time, and share files at the touch of a button. All of this is done in one window with an intuitive interface.

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2. Platform Integration Makes Workflows Efficient

Right now, you probably have multiple software applications that you turn to do to multipurpose tasks. When you use Teams, all of those applications are reduced to one platform. Teams integrate with Office 365, so you can design charts, write documents, sign contracts, and more without leaving the omnichannel hub.

This centralized solution makes it easier to backup your data to the cloud. When you’re in a busy place like Perth or other major cities, where network connections can be unstable, your work has to be protected in real-time. Having Microsoft Teams and IT support Perth makes your workflow efficient and protected.

3. Microsoft is Always Forward-Thinking

There’s a reason Microsoft is almost on every non-Apple product. The designers have been forward thinkers since day one, and this evolution doesn’t stop with the current Teams version. You can be assured that the software will continually improve, with new apps and sophisticated technology added in each update.

With nearly three decades of powerful technology solutions under its belt, you know Microsoft is reliable. Whatever solutions and processes you invest in creating today will still be usable years from now. Other fly-by-night software companies may end up obsolete. You’re stuck with the purchases and no upgrades to make them compatible with your operating systems.

4. You Get a Higher Return on Your Investment

You’ve already bought the subscription to Office 365, and Teams comes with it. Why not use it to optimize those workflows? With Teams, everything you do in Office, from sending emails and attachments to sharing files and hosting calendars, is seamless.

Your employees can collaborate and communicate through Teams, leave messages in files, and compile digital documents in real-time, no matter where they are. It’s a cost-effective way to increase productivity, and make the most of the new, virtual workspace.

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