Zooqle Proxy Unblock | Mirror Sites, Top 8 Similar Alternatives To Zooqle In 2024

Zooqle is widely known as one of the most popular bit torrents sites. You can download free games, movies, apps and more. More recently, many countries around the world have blocked access to zooqle website.

The website is also always coming up with unknown reasons for hosting. In this website, you can download all kinds of movies, software, tv shows, games, etc.. If you are not a regular user for this website, and you are finding it difficult to find a working mirror site of this website, then don’t worry. In this article, we will help you by providing similar mirror sites and best and perfect alternatives to Zooqle.

What Is Zooqle Torrent Search Engine?

It is one of the most popular torrent websites which has more than 37,000 movies in its database. In total, the site has more than 4.3 million active users. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, but some of its pages still need improvement.

Zooqle was founded in 2008 and offers all kinds of downloads, including apps, games, books (both audiobooks and eBooks), movies, TV programs, and software. The verified website has 2,200 subscribers at all times. A tracker is responsible for determining the location of all clients who download or download a P2P file.

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Currently Active Zooqle Proxy / Mirror Sites [All Working In 2024]

The below-mentioned websites are currently working mirror sites of Zooqle In 2021. These mirror sites will help the users to download movies, games, software etc. If you find it challenging to access these mirror sites, you can use the below VPN sites to change the IP Address or Proxy to unblock them.

Zooqe Mirror/Proxy SitesStatusSpeed
https://zooqle.unblocked.twActiveVery Fast
https://zooqle-com.pbproxy.redActiveVery Fast
https://unblocked.tk/zooqle.phpActiveVery Fast
https://zooqle.bypassed.pmActiveVery Fast
https://torrentunblock.com/unblock/zooqle.comActiveVery Fast

The Best 7 Similar Alternatives To Zooqle Torrent

1. Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrents are one of the best torrent sites for downloading the contents like movies, games, tv shows and software files. Following the removal of the original Kickass Torrents from the web, several mirror sites appeared within a few days.

We can’t say we’re surprised by this development because website owners want to take advantage of the original KAT removal. In a nutshell, KickassTorrents appeared first, and the website is still alive and well.

After opening the website, you come to notice you will see the similar interface. This fund is dedicated to indexing millions of streams with success.

In addition to the newly launched stream, you can also find the complete original database here. There are movies, TV shows, software, games and more to download. Kickass torrents are one of the best alternatives to Zooqle.

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2. Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents is also one of the best torrent sites you like, and it is visited by millions of torrent fans all over the world. The website offers tons of content with categories like apps, games, music, TV shows and more.

Limetorrents has a userfriendly UI interface which now offers a whole bunch of new features and countless options. Besides, new content is updated daily from this website. All of this makes it one of the best alternatives to Zooqle Torrent.

3. 13377X.to

13377x is one of the best torrent sites which helps users to download all types of software, application files, music, movies and the latest Tv shows, etc.

It is a simple but amazing website with its own special kind of user interface. Many users from all around the world are addicted to this amazing website to download movies, tv shows, games, software files and much more stuff.

These days many countries have banned this website even though there are many mirror sites are available to view this website content.

4. Torrentz2

Since the site’s homepage was announced, Torrentz2 has been the successor to the original Torrentz. Torrentz is a popular streaming site that operated for thirteen successful years between 2003 and 2016.

Unlike all the alternatives above, Torrentz is a different website as shows the feeds like Google. No feed is hosted, but users can search for a feed and then list all locations to find a specific feed.

Unfortunately, in 2016 operators launched Torrentz on the website with a simple message to the users like “farewell”. After Torrentz was stopped, the new website Torrentz2 was started.

Initially, Torrentz2 indexed nearly 60 million streams and worked just like the original Torrentz. The upgrade to Torrentz2 in 2019 is different in that it hosts the same files as all the other sites mentioned above.

Keep in mind that your antivirus software may occasionally warn you if you try to access Torrentz2 it is not safe. You should not worry about the warning. However, if it bothers you, you can opt for a VPN.

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RARBG is a trendy torrent website. It remains a popular platform for users to access movies, shows, books, games and software.

From 2019, the RARBG was blocked in more than ten countries, including the United Kingdom, Belgium, Pakistan, Portugal, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and India.

Because of this excellent fan base and millions of users it was finally unblocked in some regions. To unblock this website, we suggest users to use VPN or TOR browser. RARBG acts as one of the reliable alternatives.

6. YTS Torrent

YTS was founded in 2010 under the name YIFY. The founder of this website was Yiftach Swery. The main aim of this website is to provide the HD movie releases to its users. YIFY has received a lot of support and has become very popular.

They later changed their name to YTS.am. The popularity of this website reached all corners of the world and gained the attention of the anti-piracy lawsuit authorities. Unfortunately, this website was blocked in countries like Australia and Ireland. YTS torrent is one of the best alternatives to Zooqle.

7. Torrent Galaxy

Another popular website that can be a decent alternative if Zooqle3 is inactive. Torrent Galaxy is a verified torrent website with a friendly user interface where you can download movies, tv shows, software files etc. Torrent Galaxy provides more streaming options and great features for the torrent users.

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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions On Zooqle

1. Is Zooqle An Illegal Website To Access?

Zooqle hosts a magnet link database, which allows specialized software called Torrent client to attract data from specific torrent. Downloading stolen software is never illegal. Zooqle does not have any software to download.

It contains torrent files that are just a link to an Internet location where these illegal files are stored. However, once you click on the link and download it from your BitTorrent or other torrent download site, then it is considered to be illegal.

2. Is Zooqle Torrent Fast Compared To Other Torrents?

Before Zooqle existence, downloading files from the Internet required a lot of patience. Not only do you need high-speed Internet, but you also need to start the process again if you are no longer connected. But with the P2P pirate system, you can also connect where you left.

The magnetic links on Zooqle networks are efficient in driving users’ interests. If you download content with slow Internet, the download process will not stop. Zooqle warranty ensures that your download is completed faster than any other torrent website and you will enjoy your content.

3. Is Zooqle Available For Free To Download Movies?

Zooqle Torrent is available for free. There is no need to pay to access the content from the website like movies, tv shows, games etc. If you click a stream or download a stream, it’s free of cost to download the content. You need to find the best torrent link to download the content like movies or files.

4. Will The User Information Be At Risk While Accessing The Zooqle Torrent?

Every day and every time single time there is a threat from hackers. Even the multi giant companies express their fear of being hacked. The same thing happened Zooqle website in 2008. The data of many users have been hacked by a group of hackers. Despite all this hacking stuff, the pirate bay admins have that the user’s data will be secure and safe.


As you know, many countries block direct access to Zooqle website. As we recommend, users to use premium VPN services to prevent any security theft from hackers. If it is difficult to access Zooqle, then we have listed the best alternatives in this article.

We hope that this article finds you and help you out in finding the best torrent sites. if you have any ideas to improve the article please share with us your suggestions in the comments below.

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