What Is The Difference Between Remarketing And Retargeting?

Remarketing and retargeting are terms that belong to the portfolio of every marketer. However, they are often confused or considered the same thing. Google is partly to blame. Want to know more? So read on.

What is Retargeting?

Imagine a common situation – a visitor to your website leaves without making a purchase or other desired conversion. Thanks to the cookies placed on your website, you can attract him with your advertisement on other websites he visits or send him an email with an offer that he will definitely use.

Let’s remind him in three days, show him the product he didn’t buy from you, offer him a discount or free shipping. Simply convince your visitor to come back to you and convert.

Remarketing in the real world

This technique is only used in the shopping process when a person makes a purchase or other conversion. Remarketing is considered an Up-sell/Cross-sell technique, thanks to which you can offer the customer additional goods or services to the product he has already bought from you.

Another common situation that you have surely encountered. Prescription lenses that have a lifespan of 2 months. Therefore, after 6-7 weeks, you will target this customer and offer him new lenses at the right time when he is considering a new purchase. This way you can target relevant advertising content, at the right time, to the right customer. Thanks to this technique, you can increase the conversion rates and retention of your customers.

Google combines remarketing and retargeting into one tool

If you’ve ever used the Google Ad Network, you’ve probably noticed that in their Adwords tool, these two techniques are considered the same. In the more advanced settings, you can determine which audience you want to focus on according to targeting, and thanks to this you can use both of the above-mentioned techniques without problems.

In reality, it does not change anything, and the usefulness of one or the other technique in any marketing strategy is unquestionable. You will certainly find room for remarketing or retargeting in your activities and they will help you achieve better results.

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