What Is Influence Marketing And Why Is It Needed For Business

Influence marketing seems to be here to stay in the corporate world. Your business should not be left out of this trend and we will explain why.

Marketing is a practice that exists in most companies; possibly all of them. With the change in consumer behavior, a strategic change became necessary. And so – very simply – we can say that influence marketing has developed.Influence marketing is one of the strategies of Digital Marketing. This consists of actions that are performed with the so-called digital influencers.

Influence Marketing: What Is An Influencer?

Influencers are people with great presence and influence in Social Networks that have some credibility in a given topic. Credibility is one of the most important and most important factors companies have when it comes to influence marketing. Therefore, the positive valuations of the products or services influence the decision of consumers when buying.
Due to the high engagement that companies obtain thanks to influencers, more and more brands are increasing the budget allocated to influence marketing. However, not everyone is going to fit in with our business, so you have to consider some factors.

Influence Marketing: Types Of Influencers

Mainly, there are two large groups in which influencers are classified: macro and micro.

Generally, macro-influencers are those with more than 100,000 followers. Before, celebrities were the only ones who could reach a large audience; However, with the rise of Social Networks, things have changed. On the one hand, macro-influencers have more control and freedom over influence marketing campaigns. Also, they have a wide reach and a wider audience. Finally, they tend to be more professional, so their commitment to the brand is greater. Despite all these advantages, working with macro-influencers also has its drawbacks, such as the high cost of hiring. On the other hand, influencers do not always promote products that they themselves have tried, so some followers doubt the veracity of their words.


Unlike macro-influencers, micro-influencers have fewer than 100,000 followers. Lately, interest in micro-influencers has been increasing in influence marketing. Although these communities have much fewer followers, the engagement with users is much greater. Regarding the benefits of hiring a micro-influencer, the cost is much lower, so it allows you to work with several at the same time. Also, it makes it possible to reach new audiences and market niches, so the conversion rate is higher. As for the disadvantages, the main drawback is the fact that they have less visibility and scope.

Why use influencer marketing for your business?

Possibly your business, your blog, your social networks are biased by how you see the world and as a consequence, you talk about some topics more than others. This will lead you to obvious reasons to express something bluntly, but there is nothing like practicing consistency and consistency for a long period to establish your position. Let me express myself better, if you sell something, for example, place an affiliate link and communicate it the way it is. It doesn’t matter if you have many affiliate links while you are transparent. Some professionals and businesses make a living from this, nothing to object to.

The world has changed and companies need to keep up with that change. Modern consumer behavior engages the digital world. Nowadays people buy more over the internet and this is not a secret. Also, more and more people are watching YouTube. If you don’t believe it, just log in and see the number of views from YouTubers like Felipe Neto, for example. Or take into account the fact that, according to a survey by consulting firm Provokers, in four years the time spent on YouTube Brazil grew 135%, while on television this growth was only 13%.

And it’s not just on this platform. It’s very hard to find someone who doesn’t have Instagram nowadays. And some people managed to stand out in this social network. According to a survey by the Qualibest Institute, digital influencers are the second source a person uses to make a decision.
They are seen almost as close friends of the user. After all, the influencers are “people like us”. Anyone can venture into the digital world, so they become more attainable than an actor or a singer.
That is, when you ask an influencer to advertise your product or service, it’s like asking a friend to refer you to another. The viewer tends to believe that whoever makes an advertisement uses the product. With digital influencers, this is even stronger.
Therefore, a well-organized, planned, structured and carried out an influential marketing campaign can bring faster and more efficient results than other areas of marketing.

Influencer Marketing Works:

Influence marketing would work best with absolute transparency.

If as a brand (or professional) you honor your community, you should be clearly explaining when you are going to express any material reason to love a product, service, and experience. This with your community, then you must be clear about the objective, action, and measurement that you are going to “demand” about the action by “ influencer ” that you “hire”.

Note: setting up a blog and doing a Trending Topic is not influence marketing. That is setting up an event and doing Trending Topic. Here is another important void. Influence marketing works when you can quantify what and how many people take the initiative towards your product or service after being impacted.

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