What Is Google Lens And How Does It Work?

Our mobile phone has more and more functions that allow us many functions that were previously impossible. Google Lens is the Android tool included with the assistant, with which we can do infinite tasks.

If you still do not know Google Lens, get ready to discover all its options, from the most complete, to some that will surprise you. Many applications are integrated within Google Lens to make life easier for us.

What Is Google Lens?

We can define this function as an impressive feature that is integrated within the Google Assistant on Android phones, although we will also be able to install it on the iPhone , as we will see later. Take the virtual assistant experience to the next level with its first appearance in 2018.

Based on our mobile camera and Google’s artificial intelligence, we will be able to carry out actions that would otherwise be very difficult. Before knowing everything we can do with Google Lens, we explain how to use it on your mobile.

How To Use Google Lens On Any Mobile

If we have an Android mobile, all we have to do is use the Google assistant, something we can do by holding our finger on the start button or bine us we download the application on our mobile. In Apple mobiles, we will also be able to use it by downloading the Google assistant on your mobile.

Once we have located it, we will only have to open it as we have explained and a small icon will appear on the screen next to the microphone that refers to Google Lens. Using it is very easy, everything is based on the camera so after giving it permissions we can begin to discover possibilities.

What Can We Do With Google Lens?

Among the many options that Google Lens has, the most popular are the following that we show you, although we assure you that they are continuously adding new ones to the catalogue.

  • Search for objects with your mobile camera, all you have to do is point and click on the magnifying glass icon. Instantly we will know what it is and everything we need to know.
  • Translate texts, posters or signs. Translation integrates with Google Lens to make our trips easier. With support for many languages, we will not have problems again in any country.
  • Copy text without having to type it manually. This function allows us to take everything we have written on paper to our mobile. We just have to click on the text section and you will be able to recognize it to copy it.
  • Scan a phone number and call it instantly without having to enter the number. You can also use it to save it to the calendar.
  • The view cards are also compatible and we can add it to a contact that we already have good to create a new one with this complete information.
  • Scan buildings or places to know more about them, from the year of construction to the place where you are. This function is useful and similar to the one we use to search images in Google from the mobile.
  • Find animals, something very useful when we go on a trip and we don’t know what kind of animal is in front of us.
  • Buy products from Google Lens, just touch the buy icon, scan the product that you are and Google will tell you where to find it online.
  • Find information about a book just by scanning it, from the date of publication to the author of the book itself.
  • Discover plants just by scanning them, from the family it comes from to its scientific name.
  • Know the menu of a restaurant dish by dish. You just have to scan the menu and Google will show you how the dish and ingredients can be.
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