What Is Call Blasting In Telephone Marketing?

Call Blasting is a marketing tool used, especially in call centers, to make prerecorded calls to a large group of users. Using this tool, messages can be sent to hundreds or even thousands of people, at the same time or sequentially.

This technique can be used in different ways, depending on the objectives we want to achieve according to the specific needs of the campaigns, but mainly three types of Call Blasting :

  • Mass call where the receiver listens, and when the pre-recorded message ends the call also ends
  • Contact in which the recipient has the option to decide whether to be transferred to an agent or not. This option can be decided once the pre-recorded message is finished, to expand the information or resolve any doubts.
  • Call Blasting where at the end of the prerecorded message the call is transferred to a form or survey, through which the user can express his opinion on the information received.

Regardless of the option we choose, this tool will allow us to massively distribute voice messages to any type of landline or mobile phone, which is why it is emerging as a very effective service for immediate communication with customers, employees, and distributors of the company.

In addition, it offers another series of very important benefits for companies, such as great versatility – it can be personalized according to each specific need and the possibility of scheduling messages for specific dates and times.

Useful Call Blasting Applications In A Contact Center

As we already know, telephone marketing is really effective, and call blasting is no exception, being very profitable when designing a marketing campaign, but it can also be very useful to achieve any of these purposes:

Appointment notifications: it is one of the most used applications for call blasting. The call center software that allows this type of commercial activity to be carried out usually offers the possibility of automating the sending of a notification to confirm an appointment that has been scheduled by an agent.

Reminders of different actions: it is especially useful to remind customers who have financed the acquisition of products and services when each of their payments is due. We can also use it to notify customers of the end of a promotion or an offer that we have previously offered them.

Offers and promotions: and of course, the pre-recorded messages can only be about information about a new launch, or a specific promotion on a product, or a special offer aimed at a sector of our target audience.

Advantages Of Using Call Blasting

The Customer Service department and the Marketing and Sales divisions can obtain significant benefits from the use of Call Blasting. Here we highlight some of them:

Saving of time: is, without doubt, the biggest advantage of this service, because we can communicate with thousands of users instantly, by sending a mass message.

Measurement: we can obtain data from each of the calls, such as start time, end time, duration, or user response, among others, which will allow us to analyze the effectiveness of the campaign and reduce reaction time.

Automation of tasks: the ability to schedule not only the date and time of shipment but the type of message that is being sent, the group or groups of recipients, and the way in which they must respond, makes this service a really handy tool.

Cost reduced: since messages are sent automatically, it is much cheaper to make calls with agents. This will undoubtedly greatly reduce the expenses of Marketing actions.

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