What Is An Offshore Web Development Company?

Web development can be quite a tricky task and thus require specialists to perform the job. Everything cannot be your cup of tea, and your in-house workers are no exception. They may excel in their own stream but may not be a pro at web development, and thus you may be required to hire a dedicated web development professional team to cater to such web and web development demands. But such a decision can cause you to be high in terms of monetary aspects.

Here is where the concept of remote working comes as a savior.

Hiring an offshore web development company is like hiring an external staff team to get things started.

Mr. Thanh Pham, CEO of Saigon Technology sharing his thoughts about offshore web development. Read on to know what is all the buzz about hiring an offshore web development company:

How Can An Offshore Web Development Company Help Your Business?

An offshore web development company helps business owners in expanding their business, further assisting them in building an online presence. Such companies can assist you by designing your company website to showcase your products and services amongst your target audience. There are countless advantages of hiring an offshore web development company. They bring forth you a top-notch platform to entice and attract your target customers. But the catch lies in selecting a company that can help in the overall growth of your business.

In-House Web Developers or Offshore Web Developers – Which Option Is Better?

Offshore or in-house is a common debate question that can make two parties enter into an argument. An in-house team is a group of employees that you hire in your office for a long term who work for you and earn a fixed salary at the end of every month. Having employees working under your nose and in front of your eyes triggers greater levels of collaboration. Still, it can cost you high in terms of associated scope, costs, timelines, and risks. And, if you have thorough experts working in your office cubicles, then it is needless to say that they are going to charge you high for the development.

On the other hand, offshore web developers are professionals who do not work in your organization but work for you from a distant place. This flexibility offered by the offshore professionals is an added on advantage and a prudent reason for selecting offshore web developers over in-house web developers. The best thing about hiring offshore web developers is that you can have access to a wide talent pool all across the globe.

How Does An Offshore Web Development Company Manage its Projects?

Project management is one of the prime considerations for web development. Having a proper and reliable project management plan in hand is of paramount importance to get things to fall in place. Below listed are the critical features adhered to by offshore professionals for efficient project management.

Team Build-Up

Just like in-house workers work together in a group under one roof, offshore web development companies also take up a project in a similar way. They allocate a specific team for a particular project that comprises expert developers, business analysts, quality assurance resources, a project head, and so on. Picking on the right team is a crucial factor as it is going to decide the level of success in the long run. Having a dedicated team also helps in developing the product right and also reduces the chances of facing a shock in the zeroth hour.

Project Development Phase

Offshore development companies try their best in streamlining their project development phase according to the industry standards. In this step, the development company drafts out a rough plan for the project development in story format. Next, they assign priority points to the features that will be developed first preceded by other features that will follow back. Milestones and sprints are decided at this stage, and accordingly, the working on the project begins. Project demos are also a mandatory part of this step as it helps in winning the confidence of the clients and further facilitates smooth functioning and client approval.

Implementation And After-Sales Support

A dedicated and reliable web development company will always walk a step ahead to offer you product implementation and after delivery product support. In this stage, the offshore developers ensure that the product is efficiently deployed and works smoothly. Integration and translation are also taken care of during this phase, and when everything falls at the right spot, a green flag is set high to go live in the industry. During this phase, prime importance is given to analysis, proposal, project development, scrutiny, and implementation so that the end results are fruitful, failure to meet even one of the aspects can be a total setback for the project development.

Digital Marketing

A few offshore web development companies fledge the clients with add on digital marketing services. Not only do they create your web, but they also help in promoting it by creating a market buzz for the same. Making use of SMM and SEO strategies help you out by advertising your product so that it can reach out to the ears of your potential customers.


With the growing competition, there are lots of web development companies that are entering the market with each passing day. Signing a deal with an authentic and expert offshore development company is not a piece of cakewalk and can be quite a daunting task. Business owners have to do a lot of research and homework to get connected with the right set of people who can work with higher levels of efficiency.

To ease out the air, we suggest you pick on Saigon Technology, which is known to live up to its goal for providing ultimate customer satisfaction. They have in house geniuses who can cast the magic of customizing solutions meeting the requisites of the clients. Also, they are highly competent and are trained to make use of the latest technologies to execute your tasks with utmost perfection. So, what are you waiting for? Get connected with us and see how your dreams change into reality.

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