What Does SEO Mean And Why Should I Care?

If you want to gain a foothold on the Internet, you will get a tip above all: do SEO. Why exactly that should be so important is often not explained. The thing is actually quite simple – in short: SEO helps you to be found on the Internet. To a certain extent you are your own master, on the other hand, there are also factors that are difficult to influence.

What Does SEO Stand For?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In principle, this means Google these days, since it is by far the market leader in online searches. Optimization, as the name suggests, means that you should take action if you want to improve something. Because here is the trick: Even if modern web software and good themes do a lot of work for you – the competition knows these tricks too. It is therefore desirable to be one step ahead of the others.

On-Page And Off-Page SEO

There are basically two categories in SEO, namely on-page and off-page optimization. The former are all measures that the operator can relatively easily carry out himself – they are carried out on his own side. This includes things like:

  • Format texts
  • Insert suitable pictures
  • Link resources to further information
  • Embed videos if it fits
  • Make sure the page loads quickly
  • Perform optimizations for mobile devices such as smartphones
  • This can be a lot of effort but is still considered relatively easy because you are not dependent on others for this.

The situation is different with off-page optimization. These are measures that take place outside of your own server. Search engines have an algorithm that decides how good a website is. It is not exactly explained. The insights that are available are based on observations and tests that SEO agencies perform. It is considered relatively certain that backlinks are still highly valued. This means that other websites link to your own as a recommendation, for example for further information, which the algorithm evaluates positively. You can buy strong backlinks from Seclusion- That means you can speed up the process of a new website spreading on the Internet. SEO agencies can also use other tools. For example, it is almost hopeless to rank up with a subject that is too general when you are just fresh on the Internet, so it is advisable to look for a niche. Various online tools can help with this.

Speaking of online tools: Also not to be scoffed at is the opportunity to report backlinks to Google that is potentially disadvantageous. This is possible in the Google Console. Such a list instructs the crawler not to include said links in the ranking. This can be useful, for example, if you are linked on a large scale by foreign link farms.

Do I Have To Participate?

Whether you hire one of the best SEO agencies is up to you. The fact is that it doesn’t hurt to deal with the topic. Google says in its webmaster tips that it is basically not necessary since the quality largely determines the ranking. This is certainly not to be dismissed out of hand, but of course, competitors also know that – and if you want to assert yourself, you should be one step ahead.

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