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For those entrepreneurs who want to start their business based on the current marketing and Business Trends that will give high results and brand value, our article will provide the areas in which the current success is hidden and what we need to do to get high ouptput values .

Digital Transformation

If technology is a trend, the adaptation of companies to that digital environment too. Because most companies have not done it. And we are not referring to adopting technology, but to creating a real digital strategy that can often involve a change of business model.

To make the digital transformation of companies, three axes of reflection must be made. The first, the strategy. Your vision. Where do you think we are going? What will be the new models? The second is the business activity. Day-to-day operations while looking at the income statement. Here would be the mechanization of processes, such as the robotization of Amazon logistics. We would also have to rethink the points of contact with customers. And see if we can redesign the offer. For example, Sabadell invented a service: if a customer has lost the wallet, he enters his online banking, tells him the number of the cashier he is in and gives him 20, 30 or 50 euros.

Think about all these processes of the digital transformation of companies and in which part of them you could offer a product or service to companies of all sectors. Or if you can develop a global consulting and support the business to help companies in their digital transformation strategies.


Data traffic by smartphones multiplies at a rapid pace. The networks we have now do not support it. We are moving towards a technological change that will allow us to connect many more devices than we have now.

We must change the model and, instead of having an antenna in every 10 buildings, we will have them much smaller, giving a smaller range, but with more capacity to absorb users locally. This is what 5G brings, operators and non-operators will come and put higher frequency and fewer power antennas.

Ideas for little ones

Where are the opportunities? First, everything is a change in technology. If you become an installer or an importer of this technology, you already have a business opportunity there. Many technologies are emerging that behaves like a cellular network, that is, that give you coverage over long distances. It is a data-based model, that is, I send so much data and I charge you so much, but they are not telephone operators. These networks are called LPWAN (Low Power Width Area Network) and serve both for human traffic, watch videos, chat, among other activities, and to connect information of electricity meters, traffic sensors, traffic light information etc.
Here are a lot of business because there are many technologies that use free communication license bands, that is, You don’t have to pay to deploy them. A coverage service can be offered to private companies. There are many companies that do not want their data to pass through Telefonica and prefer to have a private network or a provider that they consider safe.
A company that is dedicated to big data will never put a sensor that connects to Telefonica because it will want complete control of its network. It is very critical information. They secure your data that way. In fact, they don’t leave your network, they don’t go to the Internet. A company that is dedicated to big data will never put a sensor that connects to Telefónica because it will want complete control of its network. It is very critical information.
They secure your data that way. In fact, they don’t leave your network, they don’t go to the Internet. A company that is dedicated to big data will never put a sensor that connects to Telefonica because it will want complete control of its network. It is very critical information. They secure your data that way. In fact, they don’t leave your network, they don’t go to the Internet.

Robotics And Artificial Intelligence

The kitchen robots, the autonomus vacuum cleaners, and the lawn-mowers are a part of the robotics with which we are already familiar. And they are already working hard to make the big leap towards robots with Artificial Intelligence, machines capable of learning for themselves and making their own decisions. It is being used, for example, in self-directed cars or drones capable of adapting to the terrain through which they move to avoid trees and other unpredictable obstacles. In the near future, it will also serve to create robots that can interact with people in order to help them in everyday tasks, such as cleaning the house, the car or in the care of the elderly and children. There are other applications of artificial intelligence much closer and that are already helping to undertake inside and outside Spain. For example, companies that develop tools that use computer vision and artificial intelligence combined with technical deep learning applied to online fashion stores, such as Wide Eyes Technologies.

Reading in an opportunity key, we see that any technology that now exists in the market, to which artificial intelligence is applied, gives us a business opportunity: search for any type of information in semantic key, recommendation systems.

Internet of Things And Big Data

The Internet of things is becoming a reality and popularized with the development of 5G connectivity. Everything will be connected to the Internet, from our own bodies through wearables, to household appliances or mobile-controlled cars. There are opportunities for those who develop applications and software that help make all this happen. In wearable devices, in addition to those that help measure health and sports, we see gaps for applications for those oriented to companies, for example, to measure employee productivity.

Smart data

Directly related to these millions and millions of data from any device and place (Internet of things, the web, the internal systems of companies …) another unstoppable and more advanced trend develops Big Data. Or the intelligent interpretation of all types of data: voice, text, images etc.
What exactly does it mean? That companies, for example, can get to know their consumers better and design marketing strategies fully adapted to their needs. Or make strategic decisions for the company. For example, anticipating the competition thanks to the predictive analysis of what might happen in the future: if there are going to be price changes or increase of customers in a segment or in a particular market. The problem is that they need tools that help them process all that data intelligently. By sectors, the largest investments will be made in commerce, manufacturing, health, information and communications, banking and finance, insurance and public administration. What can we offer to develop our opportunity? Think about how to improve your processes by adding to your own information that they have other useful data for them.

Another great source of opportunities will be found in what has come to be called open data, or the opening of information from public agencies to all cities. Everything that helps make it happen is a source of opportunities.

Privacy Protection And Data Processing

Another unmet need is the insecurity caused by the increase in the processing of private information: the protection of consumer data and the use that companies make of them. The new European regulation on data protection establishes a uniform system for the entire EU, but conflicts will arise according to the use made of that data that is collected today in bulk. Conflicts that force the creation of new professional figures such as the data protection delegate, new certification systems, and quality seals in terms of data protection and specialized professionals who know very well what the client is doing and how his business works.

The New Collaborative Economy

The collaborative economy continues to gain followers among consumers, despite the many legal conflicts that some of these platforms are having throughout the world. Controversial on the sidelines, the sector will grow unstoppably in the coming years. According to PWC, it will go from the current 15,000 million euros to billing 335,000 million in 2025.

A growth in which the creation of new value proposals will have a lot to do a collaboration of individuals with companies. But also the collaboration projects between companies and professionals. For example, platforms that facilitate collaboration in the supply and distribution chain to reduce environmental impact, share data to get a more complete view on the future behavior of the consumer or share technology, due to the need to be up to date in a market in constant evolution .
An example of this trend is seen in living, a way of life and collaborative work that comes from the United States and is based on sharing accommodation between professionals (usually from the technology environment) to share knowledge and perhaps develop a project together.

Customer Experience

Improving the customer experience as a way of loyalty has become a great concern for all companies. What opportunities do we see here? Specialized consulting proposals to help them along the way. And all kinds of computer solutions to adapt the customer experience to e-commerce and digital channels of companies in all sectors. Here would come concepts that we have talked about before, such as Gaspay, to lighten payments at gas stations, virtual reality solutions to make shopping in e-commerces more emotional or applications  which develop the concept of instant commerce,or direct sales from networks such as Instagram, Whatsapp or Facebook without making any payment method integration; It accepts more than 20 international payment methods and more than 180 currencies from around the world without any additional configuration.

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Health & Wellness

It is a trend that continues unstoppable and is reflected in the increasing number of people who do sports and diets more for health than for the physical, exclusively. And here we see very different opportunities.

Population aging

Above all, there are a great number of opportunities in what has to do with solving a generalized problem – and that is going to be more – as is the aging of the population. We will live longer and in 2050 the population over 65 will go from the current 8.9% to 17%. We are now worried about living longer and we need food aligned with longevity. What does this older population demand? Around food, there are several questions to detect opportunities.

What will we eat in the future? How will we eat it? And how will we receive it or consume it? Within the section of what we will eat in the future, there will be changes such as the use of nanotechnology in the stomach. That is, foods with microchip, nanorobots, that allow us to identify how food is interpreted in our body. Around how we will do it I see opportunities in technology that help identify pesticides, metals, the calories that a dish or a product has. And regarding how we will do it, there is the delivery of food at home but from a 2.0 perspective. Delivering free time food is no longer associated with fast food, you can eat the best dish of a restaurant at home – and perfectly preserved – or even receive the necessary ingredients for you to build a spectacular dish yourself.

Health under control

Outside of food, also everything that helps keep health under control. For example, devices that we can carry over to monitor our vital signs and be able to act immediately when necessary: ​​control of glucose levels or vitamin deficiencies. We are going towards personalized medicine.

And for the most senior population, applications and developments that make their lives easier in every way. This type of consumer begins to have eye problems, hearing etc. also tend to be socially unlinked. How to respond with products and services to this need to socially disconnect or their physical limitations.

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