Top 5 Promotional Products that Will Get Your Business Noticed

Whether you are looking for the perfect swag to give away at trade shows or trying to find the right goods to offer existing clients, promotional products can help increase brand awareness. When done properly, a promotional giveaway is an incredibly effective marketing tactic that can introduce your company to a broader range of people. You just have to make sure you pick the right products for the job. Here are five branded promotional goods that will get your business noticed.

Bluetooth Speakers

If your brand revolves around tech or music, Bluetooth speakers are the perfect promotional product for you. Good-quality speakers that can be easily connected to a smart device and are compact and portable make great gifts for valued employees. As corporate gifts, they can help make a lasting impression and nurture your relationship with existing clients. Anthem Branding provides branded solutions to businesses in various industries. The team behind Anthem Branding can help you customize high-quality goods to boost your brand.

Clothing and Wearables

Clothing and wearables are a popular choice for many businesses, as they make excellent freebies for different types of industries. For example, embroidered beanies are an excellent choice for outdoorsy businesses, customized tanks are great for fitness companies, and branded sunglasses are cool giveaways for virtually all organizations. This type of promo product is practical, and they are a great way to get your brand out there, as wearables basically turn the wearers into a walking billboard. Just make sure your company name and logo are clear and bold on your promo goods.

BPA-Free Water Bottle

As with clothing and wearables, drinkware is also a practical choice that will actually be used. In particular, BPA-free water bottles go down a treat when given away as freebies. In today’s environmentally friendly and health-conscious world, everyone is trying to do their bit for the earth. Reusable bottles are becoming more common as consumers try to reduce plastic waste. In addition, more people are aware of the harm BPA can do to their health. This chemical is found in plastic, and excessive exposure can affect behavior and is also associated with type 2 diabetes and heart disease. By giving away BPA-free bottles, you are showing consumers that your company values both the environment and the welfare of others.

Promotional PPE

For the past few years, the majority of the world has been affected by COVID-19, and although the situation might not be as severe as it once was, many people still have to take extra precautions. To show your concern for your existing customers, potential consumers, and your dedicated employees, why not give them promotional PPE? Branded hand sanitizer and customized face masks are thoughtful and useful products that will save people from going out and buying their own.

Office Stationery

Office stationery, like post-it notes and notepads, might seem overdone, but it makes for long-lasting and functional gifts. It is useful when working from home and in offices, and it can even be used outside of a work environment, such as by parents during their weekly grocery shop.

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