This 2020 Stay With The Video, Algorithms And Chatbots

Marketing automation and artificial intelligence are two macro trends that will transform digital marketing.

Surely today you have visited a website and it may be that just when you entered you a message from a chatbot was skipped ” Hello, how can I help you?” Once you have made your inquiry, you will have received an automated email inviting you to schedule a call with them and this call may be made by your Google Duplex virtual assistant.

Welcome to the future of digital marketing! And I am talking about the future and not the present because this is just the beginning of a great change in our sector. Marketing automation and artificial intelligence are two macro trends that will transform digital marketing.

Marketing Automation Will Stop

This 2020 we will see all the advances in marketing automation materialized, the companies will truly bet on it and it will no longer be a utopia. Our success will depend, to a large extent, on our ability to know how to apply the technology that allows us to automate processes. Email automation is perhaps the best-known form of automation, but it is only the seed of a transformation that will affect many other processes.

For example, PPC automation, which allows us to improve the performance of our campaigns or the automation of data analysis to have a real-time x-ray of the current situation and to be able to make the best decisions that help us achieve our objectives. After all, marketing automation is the migration of marketers to the world of analytics and more technical areas and this is the future!

Better Results Thanks To Artificial Intelligence

Another disruptive trend is an artificial intelligence that will help us improve our results and again, will impact, in many areas of marketing. From content creation and curation to data segmentation or analysis. In fact, The Washington Post newspaper has developed its own technology, the Heliograf, an artificial intelligence robot capable of writing news and creating content. We will see how AI will help us make smarter recommendations based on the preferences and ways of consuming our users.

In addition, it has algorithms that can predict the purchase actions of our clients with great precision. Having this information at our fingertips is a very powerful tool for our company. If we know what our clients are looking for and need, creating an advertising campaign will be very easy because the study of our target audience is simplified. In the end, Artificial Intelligence is the new face of productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Video is King

Marketing automation and artificial intelligence will coexist with the video. You can’t afford to start 2020 without a well-defined video and social media strategy. According to the American media Digiday, every day more than 8,000 million videos are viewed on Facebook and the consumption of online videos continues to grow. So a good video content strategy will be a safe bet for companies. In this sense, live streaming videos have also gained ground in recent years and there are already many social networks that promote this functionality. LinkedIn was the last to be added to the cart.

This 2020 is full of new features for digital marketing, a sector in constant evolution where we will need to partner with technology and be able to renew ourselves and acquire new knowledge to meet new market demands.

Today I have pointed out three decisive trends for the next year, marketing automation, artificial intelligence and video marketing, but 2020 brings us many more, so I invite you to read our trends and predictions ebook so you don’t get caught off guard.

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