The Statistics And Figures Of Email Marketing That You Must Know To Achieve A Powerful Strategy

If you are a marketing professional, it should not be a secret for you that email is one of the most efficient channels, not only because the ROI is on average four times higher than any other channel, but also, it is a global medium. and from which all companies, regardless of their location or sector, can benefit.

To optimize the impact of an email marketing strategy, every business must regularly monitor the reports and marketing KPIs of its campaigns. Understanding these figures is what allows companies to know what type of information their customers value. But beyond their own performance, businesses must compare their results with similar organizations that are strong competitors in their industry to improve their strategy.

As a leading platform in email marketing and with access to detailed reports, Sendinblue analyzed the data of 691 companies around the world during a year, compiling the results in the Email Marketing Benchmark 2021. This report highlights the best practices and success formulas of the strongest competitors in each sector, with the aim of providing useful information to hundreds of marketing professionals so that they can create better email campaigns.

Key performance indicators in email marketing

The Email Marketing Benchmark 2021 is based on statistics from the campaigns sent by Sendinblue customers during one year and provides detailed data for each market, from companies located in 46 different countries and grouped by regions. The report shows the results and a detailed analysis of the following key metrics:

Open rate

It corresponds to the proportion of open emails in relation to the number of emails delivered. This metric is important since it allows you to evaluate how relevant the subject lines of your campaigns are, and the quality of your contact list, when determining a level of involvement of these when opening your communications.

Click rate and CTR

This metric corresponds to the proportion of emails in which contact clicked on a link in relation to the number of emails delivered, as opposed to the response rate or CTR, where the number of clicks is compared with the number of emails opened. . These rates allow you to know how relevant your offers or communications are to your audiences, and how effective your Call to Action (CTA), or call to action, are.

Rate of return or bounce

It is the percentage of failed deliveries compared to the total number of recipients. It’s important to follow up to see how clean your contact lists are.

Subscription cancellation fee

It is the percentage of recipients who have unsubscribed from the campaign or email list. This metric provides information about your marketing strategy and allows you to optimize the balance between your target audience, the content, and the frequency of your campaigns.

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How to analyze these key figures and indicators?

To do the comparison, you must have access to your own reports and figures to be able to see where you are in relation to the best actors in email marketing. In this way, you will understand which are the strong areas of your strategy and in which you still have room to improve. The following are the best practices that you should implement, which are analyzed in depth in the report, highlighting the industries for which each of these is most beneficial:

  • Clearly understand the annual calendar of activities to evaluate the impact of seasonality on campaigns.
  • Improve customer experience with marketing automation and personalization
  • Cleaning of contact lists and compliance with the GDPR.
  • Use targeting and recipient information such as dispatch time to drive campaign impact and results.

If you are thinking about how you can analyze and improve the results of your campaigns, do not hesitate to download the full report, where you can see the observations and opinions of Sendinblue’s team of experts to facilitate the analysis of your own figures.

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