The Race Between Education And Technology

Education and technology are two important spheres of human activity. They have different origins and purposes. However, they likewise compete with one another to win popularity. For example, many people claim that technology distracts students and makes them obsessive. This leads to problems with learning. Other people claim that education reaps multiple benefits thanks to technological gadgets and tools.

As a result, people begin to talk about the race between education and technology. Nonetheless, these two important spheres shouldn’t compete with one another like the USA and USSR. They can properly exist and collaborate to meet common goals. We will explain how they support each other.

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Why Technology Is Dependent On Education And Vice Versa

Both spheres developed individually. Within time, technology began to penetrate into every sphere of human activity. It creates products, which solve many problems and optimize any process. However, it also becomes a source of huge distraction. People and teenagers, in particular, play different video games, chat on social media platforms, etc. These activities take away a lot of time that could be spent on other spheres.

Thus, education tried to show that technology is evil. Education should be a priority. Nevertheless, technology has created multiple gadgets and smart tools to help teachers and students. Accordingly, these two spheres found the compromise and learned to exist in harmony. Nowadays, we can see different technological creations in every school, college, and university of the USA. Educators even encourage their students to use different learning apps for their homework assignments. Education makes technology more important and thus, the technological world prospers as it sells various tools.

Reasons Why Technology Disturbs The Educational Process

Technology is not always helpful. There are certain complications it induces for students, as well as for teachers and professors. These are:

A Reason For Distraction

Many students seem to be merely obsessed with technology. They spend many hours playing video games or simply chat online. They carry their devices everywhere and it continuously distracts them. They aren’t able to focus on their assignments for long, have problems with attention, critical thinking, and so on.

Problems With Health

As students frequently use their mobile phones and laptops, they spoil their eyes. They are under constant pressure and sometimes, people become completely blind. Another possible health problem is related to obesity. Students become inactive and consume junk food. This leads to muscle degradation and makes them obese. Besides, there is a link between violent computer games and behavioral deviations.

Consumes Too Much Time

People spend too much time when they use technology. Students do not pay enough attention to their assignments. They commonly stay awake until the deep night and it negatively reflects on their well-being. Teachers and professors also may get addicted. Another time-consuming issue is related to technical skills. Many educators should be properly trained to use technological devices correctly.

Causes Social Isolation

When students spend too much time on technology, in-person interaction becomes invaluable. Many teens cannot properly communicate with their peers when they meet in reality. This decreases their self-esteem and confidence. It may become a heavy mental burden.

Positive Outcomes From The Use Of Technology In Education

Now, the time has come to discuss the advantages of technology in education. This union has multiple positive aspects. These are:

Provides Multiple Connections

The Internet is one of the most important technological creations. Using it, people can access all sorts of information to reach their goals. It connects information, people, and knowledge. Thus, people find the necessary facts, enrich their knowledge, and improve their collaborative skills.

Offers Multiple Ways To Learn

As the Internet provides various informative sources, students can learn individually. There is no perfect curriculum and some standard educational methods may not meet the needs and talents of every student. Thanks to the Internet, this problem can be resolved. Youngsters can access different educational and non-profit websites that offer helpful learning materials. They can find new techniques to adapt to their learning styles and so, enhance their productivity and speed.

Encourages Socialization

Although frequent online chatting may lead to social isolation, it may also work on the contrary. Many shy people use online chats to find friends. Online communication provides them with a feeling of safety. If they feel inconvenient, they may simply go offline. Afterward, they become ready to meet in person. Besides, students from different countries and continents may interchange cultural experiences via the Internet.

Promotes Independent Learning In Students

Students can learn fully independently. Many youngsters prefer online learning. It provides freedom of choice. They are welcome to prepare for their assignments and exams using their own methods of learning. They choose a perfect pace and use learning methods, which fully match their talents.

As you can see, education and technology are closely related and depend on each other. Education creates the proposal and technology satisfies it. However, students should use technological inventions reasonably to avoid potential harm.

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