Ten Tips To Motivate Yourself At Work And Avoid The Post-Vacation Syndrome

Are we facing the return to the most peculiar school in history? We are facing the return to the most strange school in history. Telecommuting or not, starting in September is always a challenge, and at Lowi, we want to simplify things.

We give you ten tricks (easy, so you don’t overthink) so that you can start to appreciate the month of September. That month that, as we all know, begins to count our new “course” even though we no longer go to school, or high school, or university.

Let’s go there:

Learn to relativize

The return, you always have to take it easy. Do not demand more of yourself. Take your time, breath, and do not urge to finish everything now. Please think twice before doing them: you will see everything much clearer!

Put a good habit in your life!

September is THE month. That month, we all promised to eat well, get fit, make the most of our time, and start being a new person. Why fool us if dreaming is free! Although the truth is that eating well and starting to be healthy will make you feel good after the summer that you have hit.

Make your weekly menu and make a big purchase, so you don’t have to think about what you eat and dinner every day or have to go down to the supermarket every other day. Thus, in addition to eating a balanced diet, you optimize your time and make your life easier.

Bet on sports

Whether you are one of the people who need to pay for a gym to force yourself to do sports or those who would spend the day running, cycling, or doing any group sport, it is an excellent month to take it seriously. Once you get the hang of it, your body will ask for more and more.

Take advantage of that moment to disconnect your mind and not think about anything at all. But that… can it happen? That’s how it is. But if you don’t try it, you will never know!

Set yourself an hourly routine

To make your days less complicated, get used to keeping a set schedule for your work, meals, hobbies, etc. In the long run, it will make you feel better! Your mind will relax and jump from thing to thing automatically.

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Take up your hobbies

Take your bike and get lost in the mountains, read, listen to music, go to a museum, go to the cinema or go shopping. What makes you feel good and allows you to spend quality time with yourself and with your companions.

Make short-term plans

Get motivated by planning your following weekend plans. But beware, the methods cannot be “I have to clean,” I have to change the closet, “or” I have to go to the post office to get a package. ” We talk about accurate plans: go see your craziest friend, visit your cousins, go to an escape room. Whatever you want!

Make the most of your days

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. If not, you will get into a lazy routine that is impossible to get out of. We tell you from experience!

Think that the fewer breaks you have in your day, the more active your brain will be, and the less time you will allow yourself to get depressed or overwhelmed with your ‘back to school’.

Learn from your mistakes

Write down your feelings from this September to remember next year and improve your modus operandi. Because yes, we regret to tell you that every year it happens again: September is like Monday of the year.

If you come back from your vacation the day before you go back to work, going back will involve a more significant effort: accumulated sleep, overwhelmed with the house upside down, and very little room to adapt. However, giving yourself a day of margin from the return of your trip until you enter the job allows you to adjust, unpack your suitcase, water your plants, fill the fridge with delicious food… And, if you hurry, you can even start a Serie!

Prioritize your tasks

You will probably find yourself with a thousand orders, ten thousand emails, and a million notifications. Bah, no case! Do a mental exercise of prioritizing and start with the genuinely urgent. Classify your emails by relevance, put colored labels on them, and make a checklist to cross out what you are achieving and thus see your progress in a clear and orderly way.

What about the satisfaction of subtracting tasks from your list? Test it!

Take breaks

Whether in the office or at home, allow yourself the license to take your breaks! Get up, stretch, drink water, make coffee, wash your hands and face. Little things that, although it may seem silly, make you disconnect minimally and make your day more bearable.

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