Solo V/S Convection Microwave Oven: What Are the Major Differences?

The microwave oven is an essential cooking equipment that can be used for efficient cooking. Cooking in the oven had many benefits rather than other cooking methods. One of the most significant benefits of cooking in the oven is safety. Cooking on the stove can be dangerous because strive uses fire for cooking.

Also, the oven does not allow the kitchen to heat up. Moreover, cooking in the oven is faster than that cooking in the stove. With a stove, you cannot reheat the food, as it can cause the food to burn. This is not the case with an oven, and you can reheat the food without causing it to burn.

Tips To Consider While Buying An Oven

People often get confused while buying an oven, because there are various options to choose from. These are done tips you should consider while purchasing an oven to get the oven that meets your requirements. There are plenty of ovens but, before purchasing, you should do in-depth research about the products. Although, there are many blogs and review websites doing in-depth research and presenting the list of top-rated ovens and other kitchen appliances in front of you.

Although, you must consider the following aspects before making any purchase decision.

1. Size Of The Oven

Microwave oven comes in various sizes, and you need to choose one to depend on your family requirements. If you are a family of 2-3 members, then an oven of the size of 18-20 liters will be ideal for you. For a family with more than three members, then you can get an oven of 20-20 liters.

2. Selecting The Company

Your purchase should not depend on the company; instead you should choose the features the oven offers. However, many people prefer buying an oven from a particular brand. If you feel satisfied with a brand, then you can go with it.

3. Setting A Budget

Setting a budget while you are out for buying an oven is essential. Gather a list of the oven and set a budget for which you can get an oven that meets all your requirements.

4. Consider The Control Panel

While choosing an oven, it is very important to consider the style of the control panel. The oven comes with either mechanical control panel of with touch control panel. However, there are many oven having both the types of the control panel. Ideally, you should consider buying mechanical control because it is safe to use. Also, with a touch control panel, you may have to spend on high maintenance as a touch control panel can be faulty some times.

5. Consider The Power Of The Oven

Take it this way, more the power lesser the cooking time. Similarly, less is the power, and more is the cooking time. Know what your requirements are and what powder options will be best for you.

6. Child Safety Lock

This is one of the essential features of a microwave oven if you have kids in your family. Child safety lock cab percent any misuse of your oven.
Now that we know what to look in a microwave oven let’s check different types of oven.

Types Of Microwave Ovens

1. Solo Oven

Solo Oven is a microwave oven, which can fulfill some basic requirements of an individual. If you are looking for an oven that can do defrosting, reheating and cooking then a solo Oven is best for you. Before buying a solo oven, be sure that the solo oven lacks various features and can only be used for some primary purposes.

2. Convection Oven

Unlike the solo oven, that can only be used for reheating, cooking and defrosting, you can use a convection oven for grilling food, roasting, and baking as well. However, if you are looking for an oven that does a lot more than just reheating, then convection oven is what you should consider buying.

Difference Between Convection And Solo Oven

Let us discuss the benefits of both the types of microwave ovens:

Benefits Of Convection Microwave Oven

Food Is Cooked Evenly

Unlike a regular microwave oven, food in convection food is cooked evenly; the temperature on all sides of the food is the same. Food cooked or reheated in a regular oven remains cold from one side and hot from others. But this is not the case with convection oven. Convection oven with the help of a fan evenly circulars the heat, which makes the food cook evenly.

Less Time Required For Cooking

As the fan evenly distributes heat over the food, which makes the food cook fast. A regular oven takes time to cook food. For instance, if you are using 200 degrees temperature at a regular oven to cook food in 10 minutes, then with a convection oven, you will have to use 150 degrees to cook in 10 minutes. However, you can also allow the Convection oven for preheating, which may not be possible in other ovens, which can make cooking faster. This also helps reduce your electricity bill.

Cooking More Than One Dish At A Time

You can select from the oven with more than one rack. The convection oven comes with an option to install the rack, and if you prefer cooking more than one dish at the same time, then you should go with Convection oven. You need not worry about the temperature distribution in the convection oven, even if you are cooking multiple dishes. Even if you stack dishes and then heat in the oven, the heat will be distributed evenly.

Place The Food Anywhere

Unlike a regular oven, you can keep food anywhere in a convection oven. With regular oven, you will face problems while placing the food, and you cannot risk keeping your food too close to the bottom of to the top. With even distribution of great in a convection oven, you can keep your food anywhere without worrying about the food getting burnt.

Benefits Of Solo Microwave Oven

These are some benefits of the solo oven:

Cheap In Price

As far as the usage of the solo oven is concerned. The solo oven can be used to perform some basic tasks that an oven can do, like reheating, cooking, and defrosting. Unlike convection oven, the solo oven is meant to perform only some basic tasks. However, the price of the solo oven is also very less, depending on its functionality. Oven with more functions seems to have more pricing, whereas an oven with fewer features has less pricing. The same is with the solo oven. Solo oven, when compared to a convection oven, has seemingly very fewer features than a convection oven, and that’s why solo oven costs very less than that of a convection oven.

Simple To Operate

Unlike other multi-functionality ovens that have various features to choose from, the solo oven is simple to use. Even if you are not much into technology, you will find it easier to use a solo oven. Moreover, there is not much to perform with the solo button so that you can select a cooking mode in the oven.


One of the significant things to consider while buying an oven is size. You need to select a kitchen that suits your kitchen. Consider it this way, if your kitchen is small, then buy a small oven, else for a large kitchen consider buying a full-size oven. With a solo oven, you need not hover over various options because the functionality in all of them is the same. Whereas talking about the size of the oven, the solo oven is usually small in size designed for small kitchen.


If you are looking for an oven that fits in a low budget with low functionality, then you should go for the solo oven. If you are looking for an oven with various features apart from regular cooking, then you should go for a convection oven.

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