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Alike for SMEs

In our series about the benefits of social media during the corona situation, we start with the most widespread network: Facebook. Hardly any other network has shaped the development of social media as decisively as the Zuckerberg empire. We like, share and comment across generations. But Facebook also has a clear target group. You can find out how to achieve this and what you need to consider when starting with Facebook here:

Facebook for SMEs

Like almost all social networks, Facebook is also ideal for customer loyalty. Even if only virtually, you stay in contact with your existing customers and position yourself with new customers. But Facebook can do even more. It has become a kind of social search engine. Many users start Facebook specifically by searching for information: opening times, product information, contact options, reviews and a first impression of the company.

This does not mean that you upload your entire product range or your services on Facebook. Instead, customers should get a good overview through the articles and get added value, e.g. part of your expertise.

Your Facebook page

Unlike with private profiles, you create a so-called Facebook page for a company. This offers many functions that are not available in the normal profile. For example, you can plan posts and have them published automatically. You can use the statistics, the so-called insights, to find out how successful your site is.

What you need to get started:

Page name

The name of your site should be very clear: In the best-case scenario, only use your company name and, if necessary, your field of activity. If you have several locations and want to create your pages for them, you should also add the location or the district.


When you create a page on Facebook, you will be asked for an industry. This must be specified as precisely as possible. If your field of activity is broader, you should still concentrate on your main activity. You can then specify all other services in the description.

Profile and cover picture

A Facebook presence must also reflect your branding. Therefore you should use your logo for the profile picture. If that doesn’t fit with the format (1200 × 1200 px), you should invest the time to create a suitable version with a free image editing tool like Photoshop Elements.

On the other hand, the cover picture can show your company or your workforce – give a little insight into your business. Make sure that the quality is high. If available, use professional photos for the cover picture.

Company address and contact options

Even if normal operations have not yet resumed during the Corona crisis, you should save your company address on Facebook. Also, it is especially important now that you offer various means of contact. To do this, enter your telephone number, email address and, of course, the opening times. You should also be able to find the address of your website. Finally, there is detailed information about your offer there.

Attention: The data should exactly match those on your website and your Google entries.


As a company, you have to add an imprint on your Facebook page. Otherwise, you face warnings. It is sufficient if you enter the link to your website imprint.


Social media thrives on interaction. So if you don’t have any followers, your content will go nowhere. Tip: Encourage your employees, especially at the beginning, to like, share and comment on the page and its content. The small start-up help is then quickly noticeable in your Facebook statistics.

Make sure you also refer to your Facebook presence on your other channels.

The right content

When you have set up the framework for your company website, you have to fill it with content. After all, your customers should get an impression of you, your company and your work.

Pictures and videos are particularly popular. So always try to underline a text with a good picture. For more advanced users, you can also go to Facebook Live. But that should be well prepared and thought through.

More ideas for Facebook content are…

  • Links to your blog posts
  • Team photos and introduction of the employees
  • Expert knowledge
  • News from your industry
  • Products and services in focus
  • Satisfied customers and good reviews
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