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The camera industry is one of the fastest-growing technologies in modern history as cameras continue to find their way in the security industry. Though civil liberties are often opposed to surveillance, the benefits of an expertly-installed surveillance system far outweigh its disadvantages. Modern technology offers state of the art surveillance camera solutions that have revolutionized the security industry. Most homes, public places, and institutions use CCTV for security and surveillance purposes. Hospitals and other scientific institutions may employ CCTV to monitor plants, animals, or humans’ growth or behavior. CCTV cameras are in almost every place, literally to the moon and back to the depth of the oceans, scientists continue to use camera surveillance technology to get more information.

Security cameras or CCTV cameras convey signals from one location to a definite motor at a distant place. Surveillance cameras are video cameras used to monitor an area and are often connected to a recording device or IP network and can be watched by a security agent. No one CCTV camera fits all surroundings. When choosing to invest in a CCTV security system for your home or business, to help you make the correct choice, you need the services of a high-level CCTV security company such as Mammoth Security Inc. New Britain.

There is a wide variety of home or business security cameras you can choose from, such as; dome CCTV camera, Wireless CCTV camera and High Definition CCTV camera, Bullet CCTV camera, and many others.

1. Dome CCTV Camera

Dome security cameras get their name from the dome-like shape. Depending on your need, you can choose from various types, including indoor domes, outdoor domes, infrared night vision, and vandal proof domes. The advanced features on this camera allow you to adjust the lens to your desired focal point.

It is an excellent investment for your home and can also be used in stores, restaurants, and casinos. The Dome camera is fashionable and easily fits well with the surroundings. It is difficult to tell the direction of the lens, which makes it a better option for areas prone to crime.

2. Wireless CCTV

The wireless home cameras are easy to use, easy to conceal, and are portable. They are a good option for your apartment and areas that are hard to wire. They are weather-resistant and come with a long-life rechargeable battery.

Your CCTV camera installation company can customize alerts to detect people and other activities, and to send information on your mobile device at a remote location. With a wireless camera, you can use cloud computing to post and record events over the internet. Most wireless cameras are digital and produce quality images. One disadvantage with the warless camera is that it cannot transmit data without a functional internet.

3. HD CCTV Camera

High definition security cameras are commendable when you need high-security surveillance. The video footage from the HD camera is crystal clear and covers a full area. A HD Megapixel camera captures millions of pixels in a single image, which means that it captures the smaller details not captured by other cameras.

With HD cameras, you can identify persons and objects at a distance than you would with a regular camera. That means you can use fewer cameras to cover a full area. Compared to other CCTV cameras, HD cameras support endless expansion. With HD security cameras, you can expand or reduce your system according to your need. Your camera system installer can help you configure your HD security camera to meet your property’s specifications.

4. Bullet CCTV Camera

Bullet Security cameras are video surveillance cameras and are typically small and riffle shaped, bullet shell-like, or lipstick case-like. Some bullet cameras are the size of a cigar but shorter, though not all bullet cameras are small.

Bullet CCTV cameras are mostly installed to a wall or ceiling, pointing in a predetermined direction. They are fitted with IR night vision, optical zoom motion sensors, and thermal sensors. Most bullet cameras are Wi-Fi enabled. The dual-band wireless bullet security camera is particularly significant. Fitted with two transmit and two receive paths antennas eliminate possible Wi-Fi disruptions.


Whether you are installing a home security camera or a business surveillance system, you need a professional camera system installer. You may not know which camera is best suited for your need or where to position your camera for maximum coverage. An experienced CCTV camera installer can help you build a surveillance system designed to your specification. When you choose to consult a camera system installer to help you with your installation and configuring of your order, you reap the maximum benefits out of your security system.

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