Employee Attendance: The Monthly Attendance Sheet

In an entrepreneurial and corporate context, one of the essential points is that of the employee attendance sheet. This document allows you to evaluate the monthly attendance of your employees. It is a tool that will enable you to quantify the elements used to determine the employee’s paycheck for each month. This document must be kept with the utmost precision for it to be valuable and practical.

The employee timesheet essentially consists of an administrative document used in both private and public companies to consider the actual working hours carried out by the employee. The sheet indicates the hours of the employee’s presence, including any overtime, and those of absence for holidays and permits.

The sheet must be completed and then sent to the employment consultant who is in charge of processing the employee’s payslip based on the content in the employee timesheet.

The document in question is very accessible: it is possible to keep track of attendance using an excel sheet as many companies do, but no specific regulation indicates how this count must be maintained. There is no formalism so much that there are also those who opt for a simple word sheet. However, the Excel one is preferable because it allows a more correct and precise calculation.

An excel sheet for employee control is often a speedy and effective solution, but above all, precise, to check the presence of employees in the company without making calculation errors.

Within the excel employee attendance sheet, all the year’s holidays must be indicated to indicate precisely which days the company is closed.

Employee attendance software

The employee attendance sheet does not require, as we have seen, any formalities because no law provides for how and if it should be completed. It is an internal fact in every company. However, it would be better to keep some fixed points that allow you to identify the employee timesheet and give it a certain formality and security. For example, in the sheet, it is possible to indicate the name of the company, the surname, and character of the workers, the list of holidays, the month/year of reference, and finally, all the data on the days of presence and absence of the workers of every single year.

In some cases, some companies have attendance registers, i.e., sheets that employees take care of signing when entering and leaving the company, as evidence that they were present.

However, these systems can be inconvenient, easily falsified, and they can also expose you to some errors. This is why several companies have decided to switch to attendance control software, especially in companies with more than 20 employees, to carry out employee attendance checks in a much faster and safer way.

Even in the case of shifts, managing and planning work shifts and the presence of employees becomes difficult.

A transcription error or an oversight is enough for the employee attendance sheet to make the company or the employee lose money. An attendance management software allows you to solve these problems by automatically setting employee attendance management and avoiding errors. Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more companies are abandoning the manual or excel writing of attendance control sheets and continually adopting company software to guarantee maximum precision in attendance control and payroll processing.

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