Maximize Your PC’s Performance With These Nine Tips

If you use your PC with some frequency, you may notice that over time, it loses performance and that it falls short of fluently processing some of the most modern games or of using the latest versions of applications, for example. The good news is that before moving on to more drastic solutions, which we will also talk about, there are a series of simple tips that you can put into practice to try to maximize the performance of your PC and make any game or application run more smoothly.

Uninstall games and applications that you do not use

Many times, we accumulate programs on our computer that we do not use regularly, and they take up space that can be used to make the rest of the applications work better or to install other new games. Especially considering that modern complex sports simulators, new medieval games, or even casual indie games often require a lot of disk space. Consequently, removing those unused programs is always a good idea.

Use the disk space wizard

This assistant, which is included with Windows, allows you to delete temporary files and other unnecessary files that often accumulate on your PC and also take up space, slowing down its operation.

Update your device drivers

Many devices on your PC, such as the graphics card or the processor itself, work thanks to a series of drivers. If you have the latest versions of these drivers, you will achieve greater performance and stability in the operation of your equipment.

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Searching for intruders

If you notice that your PC suddenly slows down, it may have been affected by the presence of a virus or some malware. This not only slows down your computer, but it can also steal your data or even cause data loss. That is why we recommend using a good antivirus to search for these types of invaders and eliminate them from your PC immediately.

Use virtual memory

On devices that have little RAM and, therefore, have problems when running certain games, there are a couple of tricks to improve their performance. The first is to activate Windows virtual memory and adjust it correctly. This allows you to use part of your hard drive as RAM, which undoubtedly accelerates the overall performance of the device. Something you can also do with a simple pendrive using the Ready boost function, which uses this storage device to simulate this virtual RAM and accelerate the performance of the computer.

Clean your PC

Although we have already talked about cleaning the PC in terms of software, now we move on to hardware. Over time, it is common for dust and dirt to accumulate inside the internal components of your computer tower, and this causes heating problems, which ultimately result in a slowdown in the operation of the device. So it is not a bad idea to open the tower and remove the dust and dirt that accumulates inside, although always be careful not to damage any components.

Improve ventilation

In parallel with what we have just discussed, a PC that is located in a place where it cannot be ventilated properly or that has insufficient ventilation also overheats and loses performance. Therefore, verify that your device is located in an area of ​​your home where it can receive fresh air, that it is not sandwiched between furniture and walls, and, if necessary, add ventilation elements to keep its operating temperature within normal ranges.

Expand RAM memory

RAM is a temporary storage in which the data that your PC works with during its operation is housed. It is one of the most requested parameters for modern games and also one of the easiest to expand. If your computer has little RAM, less than 8GB, growing it is a good alternative to accelerate the performance of the device.

Switch to an SSD

The latest trend to speed up any older computer is SSD drives. Compared to conventional hard drives, these devices do not use plates and a needle to read the data but instead use storage similar to those found in memory cards and pen drives. This has the advantage that data is transferred at speeds that sometimes reach ten times those of a conventional hard drive, also accelerating a device that is often the bottleneck of any computer. Best of all, changing your old hard drive to one with these features won’t cost you too much money.

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