Key Points Of The Internet of Things [IoT]

Increasingly the protagonist in any conversation, the Internet of Things (IoT) is much more than data capture and analysis. The Internet of Things has become a fundamental tool in decision-making processes and its importance is due to different factors:

An increasingly digital-physical world:

This digitization facilitates the generation of large amounts of data, thanks to devices and sensors from an IoT project

A more competitive business:

The improvement of processes and costs through the automation and analysis of data generated by sensors improves the competitiveness of companies, resulting in an improvement in the customer experience. Although for this to happen, it is necessary to carry out a strategic plan that takes into account both the resources (technical, human or financial) and the process to be followed.

The challenges of the IoT

This new technology will bring with it challenges to overcome such as the following:

  • Data privacy: Network security and device verification management hold back investment
  • Difficulty calculating the return on investment: Estimating income and costs is complicated, so it is important to define the indicators by which to decide whether the project has been a success or a failure.
  • The lack of comprehensive solutions requires the development of an ecosystem of partners, which can pose a challenge when starting these projects.
  • There is a lack of connectivity alternatives and confusion to understanding how different options affect an IoT approach

The new digital economy needs more agile and faster responses, and the IoT is a basic element for it. It will be necessary to include training and data management programs, which will improve experience management for users and brands. Likewise, it will be essential to focus on security, since attacks on the IoT can lead to the loss of data and services, making all connected devices dangerous for customers. In addition, the regulatory part takes on special importance, where data protection will be marked by the new GPDR regulations.

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