How To Test Your Product Before The Online Launch?

Many developers understand that testing is one of the most critical steps in creating any software. It is necessary to carry out some analysis before the launch of the project and in the process of its development and creation. It will allow you to understand how interesting it will be for the user and what results in you can achieve.

Create a testing strategy

If you run tests randomly, it is unlikely to give excellent results. You will not be able to identify all the errors, evaluate the user interface and be sure that your product is beneficial.

The benefits of testing strategy consist of the following aspects:

  • Allows testers to approach work systematically;
  • Involves manual and automatic checks;
  • Allows you to find any errors and correct them in time.

The testing strategy is a separate document where the specialist prescribes the goals, objectives, tools, and deadlines for the work performed. It is essential if you are hiring specialists from different companies or freelancers.

What questions are worth finding the answer?

When creating software, you should be asking yourself a few critical questions:

  • Will your product be helpful to the user?
  • Will it be convenient for a person to use it?
  • How well do you build software?
  • Are there any bugs that prevent the product from functioning correctly?

At first glance, these questions are as simple as possible, and you can answer them yourself, but practice shows that it always makes sense to conduct additional research.

Take a little survey

When you create a program, mobile application, or website, you must understand how people can be interested in it. The first step is to study the market yourself, identify the most important competitors and understand how and why you can compete with them.

To better understand what the average user wants, you can conduct small surveys. Questions can be multiple-choice tests or open at your discretion. It will allow you to understand the needs of potential customers, what they would like to receive when using your product, and what wishes and comments they have.

It is worth noting that similar surveys should be conducted after the project is launched to improve appropriately.


QA process flow involves the creation of a small prototype. Usually, this is simpler than the main product but allows you to understand whether the software can perform the intended functions. Usually, the prototype has part or all of the main buttons but it lacks a beautiful wrapper.

It’s good to invite interested potential users to try out your prototype. These can be independent testers, employees of your company, or third parties who are not interested in the product’s success. It will allow you to study the functionality in detail and check whether the program can perform the stated tasks.

You don’t have to spend time and resources to create them. They should be as simple as possible so that a person can understand the meaning of your work and not appreciate the skill.

Deep user testing

If you want to offer your users a high-quality product, you may want to hire QA professionals. Deep user testing is a fairly complex process that involves studying how comfortable it is to use your product.

The tester notices much more than the average user. The specialist must evaluate how convenient it is for people to use the program, how quickly they can find the necessary function, whether all the buttons work, etc.

It is crucial to develop something with a bright and original design. In this case, it is necessary to consider a considerable number of points, ranging from the intensity of the color to whether the ad-block covers the main decorative elements.

Fake Door Testing

The creators often come up with some idea, but they do not quite understand how good it is. Before you waste time and money developing an idea that may not work, you can test a fake door.

So, you can create a small website where you will offer some product or service. If users are interested in this, the platform will be visited and requested, and then you can implement this idea in your project and remove the fake page. It is essential to understand that SEO website promotion takes a lot of time, so you should seek help from paid advertising companies.

To make the right decision, you need to analyze the following data:

  • How much money did you spend on advertising;
  • How many people have visited your site;
  • How many people completed the order form.

If the result satisfies you, you can quickly implement this product or service in your project.

Checking the operation of modules

Work on the software is often divided into several modules, each of which must perform some functions. In most cases, each of them works fine, but problems can arise when they begin to be assembled into one design.

An experienced tester will not only find where the error has appeared but also tell you how it can be quickly and easily fixed.

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