How To Judge A Good Freelance Writer (As Explained By A Freelance Writer)

When I tell someone that I am a freelance content writer, I get a wide range of responses. Some people know exactly what it is, some know a little bit, some are completely clueless. This article should help clarify any questions you may have.

What Do They Do?

The duties of a freelance content writer obviously have to do with written content, either online, or in printed media. They write editorials, trade and advertising publications, blogs and also for newspapers and online magazines.

Some of the tasks performed may include:

  • Creating content that is based upon writing principles like order, conciseness, clarity, terminology and style.
  • Maintaining the high quality of content, keeping track of all your files and revisions of your work.
  • Edit, rephrase, or standardize all of the material that’s prepared by customers or other writers.
  • Meet with other team members to better understand how they want to approach a particular article.
  • Review all of the published content, and revise whatever is needed in the format and content.
  • Have the ability to interpret a customer’s business needs and ideas and translate it to a high quality and professional looking copy.

Do They Need Any Special Skills?

In order to do these types of jobs, you must posses, or acquire these skills:

  • Writing
  • Content development
  • Research
  • Consistency
  • Content Management
  • Balance
  • Clarity
  • Acceptance
  • Unbiased presentation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Be able to work remotely

Content writers can be full-time employees, or independent contractors. They can specialize in SEO and html. They are reporters, comedians, experts and salespeople.

They filter and amplify the message you are sending out to the universe, and when things are done correctly, are one of the keys to internet success.

Other Various Duties

Being a freelance content writer means you do a lot of research. The actual content that you are doing can be on a huge variety of subjects, so it’s impossible to create without it.

There is always editing to be done, both on your own and on other peoples work. Typically, blogs are a little less formal in their presentation, as far as grammar and spelling goes, but if you want to truly be a quality writer, you are constantly trying to improve.

A good writer has to take someone else’s ideas and concepts and transfer them to words that easily make sense to the reader and deliver the desired message.

Freelance Content writers should be adept at SEO, so that the material is seen by as many people as possible. Optimization of keywords is critical to the overall attention to detail made by the writer.

Freelance Writers And Your Business

If your business is successful, then the writer is also successful. The freelance writer should be viewed as a sort of ally to the business, with communication, trust and respect from both parties being crucial to a quality end product.

There are a lot of opportunities for both businesses and freelance content writers these days. Social media is everywhere and the ability to get your message out to the public has never been easier.

When you find a professional writer, or content company, hang onto them for future projects. This will save you a lot of time and energy down the road.

If this makes sense to you as a business person and you feel like you want to amp up your visibility a little bit, a freelance content writer can really help.

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