How To Get The Most Out Of Google My Business

When a person decides to start a business, there are countless questions that arise when launching it: branding, promotion, positioning tools, and long etcetera to give it greater visibility.

In this case, and due to the importance that local SEO is gaining in recent times, that is, the set of tools that we use to increase the presence of a company in local searches, we have decided to talk about Google My Business in this post and how to get the most out of it.

For this, the first thing we should have is a web page of our business, a Gmail account and, obviously, a Google My Business account. With these steps taken, it’s time to dig into it.

What Is Google My Business?

It is a free online tool that allows any business to create its business listing on Google. This tab will be shown to users looking for a business in the sector in the area. We have to bear in mind, of course, that it is not a social network as such, despite the fact that its constant maintenance can give us very good results.

For example, surely you have ever googled something like restaurants in Benidorm and something like this appears:

Advantages Of Google My Business

If you work with Google My Business well, users who search for the services you offer will find you quickly and easily. Other advantages of being registered on this platform are:

  1. Your business will appear on Google Maps showing your geographical location.
  2. You can show your business information in a comprehensive way. Hours, website, phone number, photos, videos, etc.
  3. It makes it easier for the user to see all this information at a glance. This in turn translates into increased traffic to your website, increased number of calls.
  4. It is a direct and fast way to contact and give service to your clients. If you get that good feedback in their evaluations, you will also get better positioning and image. Logically this also has its less positive part, which is when customers are not so satisfied with the service or treatment received and publicly manifest it through negative reviews on your GMB.
  5. You, improve your brand image while generating trust in users.
  6. You can take advantage of location extensions in Adwords.
  7. In addition, to properly manage your profile in Google My Business you can analyze your company statistics.

How We Get The Best Result

1. Upload photos: Google My Business allows you to add and geolocate quality photos of your business to give it more visibility. That is why it is advisable that you periodically publish images of your business as Google will take it as a good sign and indicative that you are interested in working on this type of positioning.

2. Write publications: in the same way as the previous section, if you keep the file updated with publications about your business, it will also be valued positively by Google, as well as by the users themselves who will see renewed content. In this section, you can publish promotions, offers, events, or share the publications that are made on the web blog. Any interesting and quality content will help increase visibility.

3. Receive positive reviews: This is one of the main issues that Google rewards and gives better positioning to your My Business listing. For this, it is recommended to ask customers who have been satisfied with the service or job offered to write a few lines about how the experience has been. There is no better storefront or more effective speaker.

If you have many reviews and they are positive, they will help local positioning and you will have a better chance of being in the top positions of Google.

4. Unification of all Google products to enhance SEO positioning at the local level of this type of company.

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