How To Find My Way Into The Job Market

Who has not imagined that having a perfect job that offers the opportunity to grow generates a sense of belonging, awakens a passion for what is done, and allows us to share and learn, which fits in our way of living?

It must be understood that there is no “ideal job, as something unique, fixed, and immutable. The perfect job exists as long as it supports a higher goal or objective.

What is a happy and fulfilling life for you? Is it a question of salary and job flexibility? Do you have a vocation that you would like to turn into a profession?

When you think about your goals, consider not only a particular position in an organization or an economic purpose, but also think about your professional interests, your long-term career, responsibilities, functions that you would like to develop, and aspects such as the location of the office, routine, values, vision, objectives, structure, culture, travel, salary, additional benefits, status, discounts ​​and organizational culture, people management, contact with clients, style… Identifying which ones are most important to you is the first step in establishing a meaningful search, aligning our work preferences with our vital expectations.

For this, it is essential to do an actual exercise in self-knowledge. The way each of us perceives reality and deals with it is unique. It seems like a no-brainer, but in many cases, we haven’t thought enough about ourselves and what it is that we want. This prevents us from seeing our situation in perspective. What we must re-consider is what we need and what we want for ourselves at a particular moment, what are our objectives in broad strokes. This exercise will help us assign a relative value to tangible and intangible factors and, therefore, locate our labor preferences.

Analyze your work and training journey and determine the factors that have motivated you to develop your projects or deviate from specific objectives or goals. This will help you set certain filters.

Some say that the first thing to do is take into account job positioning, that is, what we can offer as a worker to the labor market and why they should hire us; However, I think it is just as important to put it the other way around: what can they offer me as a worker.

Do you know the market?

I know what I want to do, but I don’t know where or what job opportunities you have? What are the organizations that interest me looking for?

It is interesting to browse job search portals to examine what types of positions are offered and what characteristics a person who aspires to them should have.

Another fundamental aspect is to consider relationships with former colleagues, former bosses, current colleagues, clients, suppliers, teachers, family, friends, and other references. Their advice or studying the steps they have followed to reach a position that we consider ideal can help us open our spectrum of possibilities.

Do I have the necessary tools?

Once a map of possible objectives aligned with our needs and desires is located, we must consider… Should I continue training? What kind of training do I need? Diversification or specialization? It is essential to be well trained, which is not the same as being over-qualified.

It is essential to set short, medium, and long-term goals and establish an action plan based on the current situation. This plan will help us consider all the possible options and be aware of what tools I have, which ones I must achieve to achieve those objectives, in how long… It is necessary to consider concrete plans to make them real. You also have to be aware that these goals are not permanent states, so it is essential to establish a plan to review and readjust these goals. Changing the assumed perspective can be one of the most enriching acts in our personal and professional growth.

Do not lower your expectations due to the difficulty of reaching a goal for fear of failure. On the contrary, realizing a lack in our life project is not a mistake that makes it have to be discarded, but it must be our strength, our way of finding the most appropriate route. Being bold and working on risky projects prevents settling, unlocks the potential of our ideas, and pushes us to improve.

Of course, we cannot forget about self-discipline. It’s funny how difficult it is to be true to what you want from your future self.

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