How To Combat Work Stress?

About 60% of employees suffer from work stress. However, it must be said that this problem does not only affect the worker. Work stress directly affects businesses, reducing their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, which can have very negative consequences.

Causes and consequences of work stress

Many causes can cause work stress. Among the most common may be excessive workload or responsibility, instability, lack of organization, a bad work environment, or even lack of recognition and support.

The primary health consequences are manifested at the psychological and physical levels. Anxiety, irritability, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, fear or insecurity are symptoms, even reaching depression. But work stress not only affects workers but also has negative consequences for companies.

The wear and tear and deterioration of the worker’s health interfere in interpersonal relationships, performance, and productivity. And, all this negatively affects the company’s image and can even lead to a lack of results and even economic losses.

Some techniques to overcome work stress

Companies can facilitate stress management and promote well-being and work motivation among their employees. There are many measures to prevent and combat this problem. Here are some keys to overcome work stress.

  • Prioritizing tasks is key to being able to organize the workday efficiently. Try to meet with your team beforehand to coordinate all pending tasks and establish roles and responsibilities.
  • The results are essential, but so is the process. Do your best to identify obstacles that may influence performance.
  • Promoting a good work environment is essential for the employee to feel comfortable, respected, valued and motivated. Remember that a good work environment encourages productivity and helps the worker feel more committed.
  • Proper work ergonomics is also essential to create a pleasant work environment. Take care of the details, from the lighting or sound to the furniture or living spaces. The idea is to find an area that favours the well-being of the team.
  • Organize Activities Team building will help you foster teamwork and collaboration. But it also favours team motivation and improves communication and creativity.
  • Set flexible work hours that help your employees maintain a balance. The conciliation between personal and professional life is essential.
  • Offer your employees future job prospects, professional development within the company with which they feel motivated and involved.
  • Show empathy. It is essential to understand your employee and know the causes of the problem area to find the best solution.

In addition to fighting job stress, these measures will help you prevent it. But other solutions will allow you to increase productivity and simplify the entire management of your company.

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