How To Build Customer Loyalty On Social Media

Building customer loyalty on social networks is a task that requires dedication and professionalism; since dealing with followers of a brand or company is not the same as dealing with those who follow us in our personal accounts. In the corporate accounts of our company we cannot share content that is irrelevant to our public, nor respond to their reactions in an excessively informal way.

Take note of the following recommendations and you will be able to keep your audience attentive to everything you publish and, what is more important, you will be able to interact effectively with them.

The essentials to build customer loyalty on social networks

First of all, we must understand that it is not necessary to be in all the social networks that currently exist. We only have to choose the ones that best suit our business model and the buyer persona or target audience to which it is addressed . To do this, we must start by knowing the profile of each of these networks, as well as knowing how and what content is shared within them. By complying with these steps, we will choose the option or options that interest us the most to synchronize them with our brand.

In particular, if our products and services have visual and dynamic potential, a network like Instagram could be suitable. But if we are targeting a professional audience with a certain job profile, LinkedIn would be more suitable. On the contrary, if the target audience is very young and even childish, it makes sense to resort –with great caution- to TikTok . To reach a more adult and diversified audience, Facebook is ideal. Both on the latter and on Instagram, mass consumption products and retailers have been successful.

We must even bear in mind that being on any social network will require a lot of time and effort if we want to create relevant and attractive content for the public. In addition, it is also key to maintain the quality of the material that we are going to share and the relationship that we will establish with our users. As we will see later, it is a priority to constantly monitor the reactions of the brand’s followers and respond appropriately to their questions and comments.

Tips to follow to build customer loyalty on social networks

In order to retain customers on social networks, we need to maintain a high level of engagement , based on the creation and dissemination of impressive content. This helps us achieve meaningful interactions with our users. In order to obtain these interactions, it is essential to carry out some actions that will allow us to reach the audience through networks:

Provide useful information

In reality, the content we share is the essential element to build customer loyalty on social networks . In this sense, we must put ourselves in the place of our followers and think about what kind of information could help them choose the best product or get the most out of one of them. In addition, it is important to create content on our blog and share it in the RRSS that we use for our business. As part of the content marketing strategy , it is ideal to use them in the newsletters that we send by email. In this way, the audience is very likely to engage even more with the content we share.

Share impressive content to build customer loyalty on social networks

Similarly, a very effective resource but that we must use with good judgment is sensitivity. In the search to increase engagement through social media , it is interesting to share content that is moving or impressive. With the help of stories or images, our users will experience different feelings that can be comforting. Thanks to this type of content, it is possible to achieve an identification of the followers with our business values ​​and move their human side.

We can also show our human side. How? Simply, eventually including in our publications a “behind the scenes” of our company. This increases prospects’ interest in doing business with us, because they can connect on a more personal level. For example, sharing a photo with the work group doing some activity or uploading videos in which some of the collaborators talk about their experience in the company. However, it is advisable to be prudent in the use of this resource and be sure to carefully evaluate the values ​​transmitted.

Ask your audience questions and interact with them

One of the best ways to make our users participate and show interest in social networks is to create polls with dynamic questions. These resources help users feel valued, since in this way we will be demonstrating our interest in their opinion regarding the topic we are dealing with. Depending on the business model of our company, we can ask questions such as:

  • What type of service suits your needs?
  • What is your favorite product from our catalog?

In case our business uses the Twitter social network , when accessing the tweet editor , we can have the “add survey” tool. With this, it is possible to plan our questions, obtain feedback from followers , motivate them to interact and select the option that most interests them.

Videos are effective for retaining customers on social networks

Certainly, by publishing videos as content we will have a greater impact among our followers. To corroborate this, some studies determined that in 2019 80% of Internet traffic was generated by videos. It is even expected that by 2022 this figure will reach 85%. Along the same lines, other research ensures that one minute of video generates the same impact in terms of marketing as 1,800,000 words. As if that were not enough, our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than reading a text.

Offer benefits or discounts to your customers

What better way to retain customers on social networks than by offering them an additional benefit or a discount for having purchased any product or service from our catalogue? This method can go hand in hand perfectly with our business, as it can give enough reasons to other users why they should follow us on social networks . This can even lead to greater interaction with the public , holding contests in which customers who have made a purchase or those who are already using our services participate.

Managing the conversation is critical to building customer loyalty on social media

Without a doubt, managing the relationship with our brand’s followers is fundamental to the success of our social media strategy . We have already said that the attention of an account in social networks demands time and work. In this regard, as important as sharing content is to be attentive to the reactions of our audience on these platforms.

Feedback from followers is vital to know if the content we offer is relevant. In parallel, the appropriate response to comments and doubts is proof of our interest in the opinion of our public. Hence, the profiles of the community manager or the social media manager are highly demanded by many companies. These positions plan social media strategies and manage corporate accounts with professional criteria.

CRM and omnichannel to generate engagement through RRSS

To the above, we must add that cloud solutions for customer relationship management ( CRM ) include the monitoring of social networks as channels of interaction with customers. This supports the incorporation of these platforms into sales and customer support strategies in a large number of companies. This omnichannel condition takes the customer experience to another level, boosting engagement.

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