How Long Does A Phone Case Last?

iPhone belt holders work well to protect iPhone models while allowing the user to carry it outside clothes and pockets.

In Defense of cases and iPhone belt holders alike, the fragile butterfly-like constructions of glass and aluminum we use these days, both have become an investment protecting necessity.

Overtime, nonetheless, we slipped right into a behavior that’s mainly practice and never in the least bit practical: we purchase our phones, get into a sticky situation, after which we tend to regret not getting a better protective option for our phone.

Generally, we take it for granted and assume that “just any old case will do.”

But this one case lifestyle? That’s the old me. Now I have got a plethora of iPhone casing options.

In this post, we’ll go over just how long any case should last and why your phone case options must be diverse to accommodate any given situation.

I’ll also fill you in on my best kept secret: The importance of iPhone belt holders and just how vital they are for keeping your phone safe and sound for everyday life.

Why the Sudden Change of Heart?

You wouldn’t use a winter parka to visit the seaside or even a swimsuit to work.

It’s no surprise that this is the exact same reason why your phone doesn’t need to be held captive within the same uniform case everywhere you go.

Given that our smartphones are actually an absolutely indispensable component in our daily lives, going with us wherever we travel, we must be more strategic when it comes to protecting them.

We don’t use the same exact clothes for each and every situation we face. So why on Earth would we use the same exact iPhone case for every situation we encounter?

Office Casual: Your Everyday Carry

What constitutes everyday carry?

In all honesty, this can vary from individual to individual.

But generally speaking, the vast majority of us aren’t taking our phones with us on a scuba diving adventure. Or, for that matter, training wild animals.

For most of us, a typical phone at work situation consists of “Oops, I dropped my phone on my carpeted business office floor.” Of course, any usual degree of protection is going to be pretty sufficient.

For everyday style instances, all you genuinely want is just a little bit of shock defense along with a somewhat raised lip to guard against screen damage.

There’s many significant situations such as this. Although we may be partial to the Presidio and Candy Shell cases from Speck.

In fact, these cases are well produced. Not to mention, they’ll provide, to a degree, daily protection that guards your phone from life’s usual bumps and fumbles.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve got rock solid reflexes and are lucky enough to have a home and office that have plush carpets.

If that’s the case, then you don’t really have much to worry about. No fumbles whatsoever for you!

Lucky for you, you can literally be glad to wrap your cell phone in a sleek and slender leather phone case.

Rugged and Sporty: Keep it Safe While You’re Biking ‘n Hiking

A simple phone case can be good for your life at home and in the office

However, as you can imagine, you can improve your chances of your device not free-falling. That means that your phone is undoubtedly going to take less risks than ever before.

How are You to Protect Your Phone Going for a Spill While Fitting into Your Lifestyle?

While you’re out on an early morning jog, experiencing the great outdoors, or perhaps working in a construction zone, you’re going to want to protect your device in the most efficient way possible.

This must be a way that’s got absolutely no chance of the phone taking a knock to it’s screen.

That’s why you want to get hold of the ideal case that’s fit for the job.

In such cases it pays to swap away your business casual case for the hard hat equivalent. An example of this style option is the Otterbox Defender.

This is a very good case with an internal shock protection shell, an exterior hard shell, along with a snap on face-plate.

Really rugged cases are actually the perfect fit for being outside in the woods or maybe building sites where bumps and bangs are quite common and should be expected.

But, That’s Not Always the Case…

In any case, an Otterbox case is just too basic these days. You need to always be prepared for anything.

Afterall, adventure calls. In your life, there’s nothing more significant than purchasing a cell phone case.

That’s why it’s also very refreshing to know that you can always purchase one of most convenient options for keeping your device attached at the hip.

And that’s the world of newer iPhone belt holders that are readily available.

Well-Made Holster

iPhone belt holders like the ones made from the American company, Turtleback, are very well-made and robust compared to other products on the market.

People love iPhone belt holders that fit with their rugged cell phone case.

That’s because they can actually use it with the iPhone 12 along with the Otterbox.

They will fit together like a glove if purchased from the right manufacturer.

iPhone belt holders are very durable & professional for the office and construction environments.

If you’re ever in need of a perfectly made iPhone belt holder, you can count on a company like Turtleback case.

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