Social Media Platform TikTok: How do New Trends Constantly Emerge on it?

The social media platform TikTok is currently very popular, especially among young people. So it’s hardly surprising that TikTok keeps coming up with new trends that then make waves on the Internet and sometimes even in the offline world.

But how exactly do such trends arise on TikTok? Whether the so-called TikTok challenges, viral hashtags, memes, or dances, keeping an overview of the changing trends on the platform is now quite a challenge.

However, this is particularly important for companies and brands. If you manage to start a viral trend, you can gain millions of new followers and views. Those who have previously left TikTok out of their social media marketing should definitely change this in the future.

The emergence of TikTok trends

The trends that regularly emerge on TikTok can be divided into different categories.

New trends through influencers

Of course, influencers on TikTok play a particularly important role when it comes to the creation of viral trends. They have an extremely large number of followers and fans who place great trust in the respective content.

If an established influencer or celebrity uploads a video, high engagement is almost guaranteed. The TikTok algorithm then gives preference to videos that are characterized by a particularly high interaction rate. These videos usually appear on the “For You” page, where they can be discovered by tons of TikTokers.

An impressive example of such a trend is the flavored toothpicks used by big names such as Macklemore and James Corden. This made the innovative little sticks a popular lifestyle product that a large number of TikTok followers now also use in their everyday lives.

Current events and pop culture

Current events and happenings in pop culture also play a significant role in the creation of TikTok trends. The content creators react quickly to news from this area, especially if it is relevant to their niche.

Pop culture, by its very nature, brings together people who are passionate about the same things. If a video is created about a specific pop culture event, there is a high probability that numerous interactions will occur. Over time, there will be more and more videos on this topic, creating a big trend.

However, the Corona pandemic was also an example of a TikTok trend due to a current event. Trends at that time included topics such as everyday quarantine and hand washing.


The so-called challenges are also very popular on TikTok. These have already created numerous major trends.

This can be attributed to the fact that the challenges are easy for all TikTokers to take part in. The challenges can take completely different forms, for example, lip synchronizations, skits, or dance choreographies.

Challenges prove to be particularly captivating. For this reason, they also represent a particularly great opportunity for companies to create a viral trend. However, the prerequisite must always be met so that the challenge is easy to take part in and fun at the same time.

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