Get Productive/Financially Savvy in 3 Quick Steps using your Smartphone (Guide)

Are you making the most of your time spent on your mobile phone? Some studies have suggested that the average person spends over three hours each day in front of our devices, and while there are plenty of proactive and positive things that can be achieved from these magic devices, many of us waste more time on phones than we’d probably care to admit.

For those that are thinking of ways to get a bit more out of their time spent in front of a phone, we’ve compiled a short three-step guide that might help. Take a look, and see if this can help you become a bit more financially savvy through the aid of your smartphone!

Step 1 – Focusing on Productivity

If you’re someone that feels they’re wasting a lot of their time spent on their mobile, then a great place to start is by deleting some of the pointless apps from your phone that don’t get anything done and replacing them with things that can help cure boredom and pass the time, but actually achieve something in the process, like a learning app, a languages app, or even a game that tests your brain to get it working.

It’s easy for us to say in this guide to get rid of all the fun things from your phone, and not spend any time on social media, as that escapism is for many of us the reason why we’re glued to our screens in the first place. Rather than stopping that game experience cold turkey, try to replace mindless tapping with fun, alternative, ‘gamified’ experience that will actually have a measurable, productive end result. Duolingo, for example, is a great language learning app that breaks down lessons into bite-sized chunks, and you earn points and ‘level up’ as a result, giving you that game experience while also teaching you in the process.

Step 2 – Getting Financially Focused

Your mobile phone is a powerful tool, and if you think smartly about how it can benefit you in your everyday life, you’ll quickly realize that it can help to manage your money. Aside from the basics, from the calculator app built-in to your phone to contactless payments through systems like Apple and Google Pay, there are a ton of financially focused apps out there that you can download and enjoy for absolutely free. From stock trading platforms to educational games, to even fully-fledged AI and financial advisors that analyze your spending and give recommendations based on how you’re getting on, there’s plenty to choose from. For a breakdown on some great financial apps that you could try out, take a look at the blog post from The Big Investment on this.

Step 3 – Educating yourself further

Kitting out your smartphone with a range of different sleek investment/financial apps to help you along the way is one thing, but it doesn’t just stop there. You’ve essentially got a superfast computer at your disposal in the palm of your hand, and so the possibilities are endless with what you can learn and digest while on the go if done correctly. There are a ton of different guides, videos and podcasts out there on a range of different topics. RWinvest, for example, a property investment company with offices throughout the UK, have a bunch of mobile free content that you can easily digest at your own pace, through different forms. Guides and podcasts like these are perfect for when you’re on the go, or just want to fill time by ingesting some information passively.

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