Gaming Technology In 2021: These Genres In Gaming Could Pick Up Speed

There are some computer game industries that could certainly pick up momentum in 2021. As in every year, there are a few acquaintances, but there are also one or two newcomers who are becoming more and more popular.

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Action games

Action games certainly never go out of style. Because they provide thrills and excitement. The players have to react quickly in order to get to the desired goal and also improve their responsiveness in the process. So-called first-person shooters will certainly be among the most popular action games in 2021.

The players take on the role of a character and compete against other users with various weapons. There are numerous games in this industry that are played offline or online every day, such as Counter-Strike, the Call of Duty series, or Doom Eternal. Also, very popular action games are the so-called jump ‘n’ runs. The players have to overcome various obstacles by running and jumping. A good ability to react is very important.

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Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is a whole new way of gaming. It is sure to gain even more popularity in 2021. The players have to take out a subscription, install an app or install a so-called client program on their mobile phone, PC, tablet, or on their game console and can then start playing right away. As with other games, you use the mouse and keyboard or a joypad for the control commands, which in this case are sent over the Internet to a very powerful but virtual computer.

Your own PC or console then only serves to show the signal on the display. The big advantage of cloud gaming like with the Xbox is that you don’t need a powerful device yourself. Instead, you get the picture via a video stream, so to speak.


As in the last few years and decades, simulations will be one of the most popular game genres in 2021. Because there are suitable games for almost every area of ​​life, such as for all kinds of sports, business, agriculture, the train journey and of course for racing. So there is something for everyone. In the meantime, the games are sometimes so realistic that they repeatedly cast a spell over the players. Also in the year 2021, a lot of new simulation games will definitely come onto the market.

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