Do You Want Full HD And 4K Backgrounds For Your Android? Well Look At The Best Applications

If you are like me, who are bored by the wallpapers that our mobile brings as standard, what you need is to have something different and that sets style, so today we will know some of the best applications with wallpapers available for Android.

Our treasure box is always in the Google Play store, but it is much easier when you already know which are the most complete applications to be able to have on the terminal screen, some of them have elements up to Full HD resolution and in also 4K.

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4K Wallpapers

If you have a mobile with a high screen resolution, you will surely want to make the most of it, so having 4K wallpapers is recommended. In Google Play, available applications are with this type of funds and an example is 4K Wallpapers.

It is one of the most complete, a clear example of this is that it integrates more than 5000 funds that have this resolution, which has been carefully selected to be in the app and do not get the bad surprise that the wallpapers are not of high quality.

In other words, when zooming in on various spaces, the quality will not be lost, and so that you don’t get bored every day, new images are posted so that you can change the background on your mobile.

4K Wallpapers incorporates in its interface more than 50 categories so you can choose the one you like the most. Among which are some such as animals, sports, Christmas, cars, technology, nature, among others.

The way the wallpapers are changed is very fast and intuitive, each one has a resolution of 3840 x 2160, some of 2560 x 1440 and other slightly lower resolutions for users who require it.

The vast majority of devices are compatible with 4K Wallpapers and the screen can be rotated so that the image that has been placed will not be distorted. Best of all, the application is completely free for your Android mobile.


If the first option really did not seem to you the most complete or the best, there are always other alternatives that adapt to what the most demanding users are, so one of them is the one called Wally.

It is an application that has thousands of wallpapers, which are very well classified by themes and all in high resolution. Furthermore, its interface is very simple to use since it is designed for beginner users.

In the market, there are different types of phones with screens of all sizes, so Wally has thought about it and incorporates wallpapers of all resolutions, that is, 1080p, QHD and especially 4K.

The main screen of the application is very easy to understand and in the navigation menu, you can get to know all the new collections of images that have been added, while on the left, it is also there where you can add filters to funds.

Another interesting tool that this app integrates is that of being able to place the main interface in black and white colour, that is, a dark theme, this only as a way to please the eye when choosing the image that you will place as background on your mobile.

Finally, Wally is a totally free application that has advertising, but that does not affect the possibility of using it in any way, it also offers the opportunity to download images to your mobile so that you have them available for your social networks or whatever you want.


The best Full HD wallpapers must always be on the mobile to have a better view and that it looks very nice and does not bore us, so one of the applications with excellent images is Zedge, which has been in the market.

It is one of the most complete in terms of personalizing Android devices, since it has all kinds of backgrounds with high resolution, but also ringtones, sounds and all kinds of elements to be able to fully enjoy your device

So you know these are some of the applications with the best Full HD wallpapers and also 4K so you can customize your main screen. Do you know any other? Share it with us.

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