Eight Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Email Marketing

To sell online, you need to implement a complete digital marketing strategy that includes creating marketing emails, but beware, not everything goes. It would help to respect a series of maxims so that these campaigns are as successful as possible.

Indeed you have ever received in your email a newsletter from a brand or company telling you their news, promotions, or corporate information that could be of interest to you. Why not do it yourself in your company’s digital strategy to increase your ability to sell online? Not only does email marketing help you to promote yourself, to “knock on the door” too old customers who may be customers again today, to publicize news… but it will also help you gain visits to your website and by the better the positioning of it. Email marketing is a tool that you should not ignore today, but before you start doing it, you need to consider these eight aspects.

  • Purpose: You must know the purpose of this email marketing that you are going to design. Report any news, service… you decide. The message you want to convey is essential.
  • Design: Go for an attractive design and create a template that you can use in subsequent email marketing shipments. Do not forget to include the logo of your office, contact information at the end, access icons to social networks… and always think one thing: you are trying to sell online with these emails as well.
  • Call to action: Include calls to action in these newsletters or bulletins. It would help encourage the reader to click on each of the texts you include with a suggestive text.
  • Variety: Opt for a variety of content in your newsletter or email marketing campaign design. You can use, for example, different text boxes where you can tell news about the office, purely commercial information, another that links to the blog.
  • Mail subject: It is essential since it will be the factor that encourages the reader to open it. It should be brief, concise, and not eminently commercial, even if we intend to sell online.
  • Unsubscribe: Comply with the LOPD without pleading in your email marketing and give the option to the recipients that they can unsubscribe and no longer receive them.
  • Videos and photos: The latest trends in email marketing design prioritize the insertion of videos. Also, the use of quality photographs rather than significant texts. Never send one without photos. Never.
  • Social Networks: Social networks are critical to selling online. Please give them a privileged place in email marketing and even announce that you have sent the newsletter of the month. Do not exceed this periodicity in terms of shipments.
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