Digitizing Your Business: Why And How To Succeed?

Digitizing your business, a sometimes hackneyed expression that has nevertheless become a major challenge. This development concerns all companies in the more or less short term and will inevitably have an impact on administrative and financial services ( including to save you precious time ).

Digitizing Your Business: Why?

Digital technology is used to fill all the deficiencies of the company, it is always asked for more in directions that may be contradictory: developing collaborative work, simplifying tools, using fewer different platforms, attracting young employees, incorporating methods digital in more traditional professions …

The concept of digitalization of companies, first synonymous with the digitization of data in the early 2010s, has benefited from developments linked to recent technological changes. Today, it is based on a more globalizing basis that can be summed up as follows: it is more of an upgrade of companies for the systematic use of digital technologies, methods, and uses of the web. , internally but also (and above all) externally.

First of all, an observation: Airbnb, founded in 2008, has a higher valuation than Accor, a situation comparable to that of the company Uber – founded in 2009 – which exceeds the valuation of the Hertz company. These pure players are certainly one step ahead of traditional companies, but the latter have every interest in drawing inspiration from their working methods.

With this in mind, the digitization of your company must bring improvements on all levels and more particularly:

  • In the organization of work: using working methods and digital tools to improve the efficiency of the company in terms of productivity and commercial performance.
  • On the marketing level: by developing intelligent solutions allowing you to acquire a better knowledge of your customers and your users while simplifying internal exchanges. All this in order to enhance your offer with digital actions specific to each case.
  • On the human level: by making the internal organization of the company more fluid, through management and governance, by focusing on flexibility, agility, collaborative work, while promoting the sharing of information. Recruitment of your future employees also goes through digital (professional networks) by favoring proactivity (being where the candidates are).

Digitizing Your Business: How?

In order for it to be more than a simple gadget, the digitalization of your company must be at the center of your structure’s strategic plan. It must be a global project aimed at transforming the company in-depth in its operating methods.

Which methodology to apply? What tools to put in place? For what results: what KPIs? What ROI to expect? In short, what transformation (s) can you expect and how can you measure the impact on your business?

The digitization of your business is built in 3 steps:

  • Raise awareness among management and management
  • Create a digital-based corporate culture
  • Take your organizational chart to the digital age
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