Applications To Download YouTube Videos in 2019

Since YouTube broke into the audiovisual content market and became one of the largest and most used video platforms for all, we have been able to enjoy all kinds of free content.

However, when we want to download one of those videos or we want to convert it in order to enjoy the content that it offers us even after having seen it, some work is proposed that complicates us being able to carry it out.

The development of applications to download videos from YouTube is one of the activities that many programmers try to execute so that users can enjoy the best qualities that in turn, the videos can allow us. In social networks, it is always common to watch videos derived from YouTube or other platforms, which are mostly published in this format.

Many of the Internet users have used direct download pages or converters, but if you want to download them directly from your mobile, then you must have an application that allows you to do the same, without having to go to Google Chrome or risk your computer is infected by any of the pages that make this type of tools available to the user.

Here, we will review the best applications to download YouTube videos that 2018 has offered and that is expected to continue growing during 2019.

By following these Applications, you can download and store the videos you want on your phone.Here is The completeList of YouTube video download applications

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1. aTube Catcher:

As the first of the options in our list of applications, we have aTube Catcher, one of the applications that work as a converter and download videos for all video platforms, not only YouTube but also Dailymotion or social media videos.

It is undoubtedly a great option for those who wish to have a lightweight, easy-to-use and intuitive tool, as well as being effective and quickly accessible by all. In order to download aTube Catcher, you will find it available for Android, PC, IOS and portable versions. However, we recommend downloading it for Android, so your website is the best option. Virus-free and 100% free.

2. Tubemate:

It is one of the most requested applications, it is integrated into a web browser where you can directly search all videos in addition to being able to convert it to mp3 version, listen to music, create lists and listen to them offline.

It is one of the most popular of all due, in part, to its variety of functions and its way of changing the interface from mobile to desktop. Tube Mate is one of the best YouTube video download

3. SnapTube:

It is similar to the previous one, where we can get it in the mobile version and you can use all the functions offered by TubeMate, although it is also true that it is full of unnecessary ads.

The truth is that its platform and interface is extremely simple and pleasant to use. You can download videos, convert them to MP3, listen to music offline and even with the screen turned off.

4. Videoder:

It is a young application whose interface is very identical to that of YouTube. In it, we can see two tabs:

In one we can watch videos or look for them, while in the other we can see the section of the downloads that allows us to appreciate what we have downloaded or the status of the downloads that we are making. You can choose the quality of the videos and the type of track for the audio.In short, these three are what we consider as the top 3 applications for downloading YouTube videos. They are intuitive, easy to use and with good usability and support from the community.

Without a doubt, they will be very useful if you need to download content from this social network. Of course, be careful and take action when visiting according to which sites to make your downloads. Use the only official and trusted pages.

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