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The AirPods have set a trend. That’s how it is. Its particular design in the form of a drop of water has spread through the streets. You just have to see how they have succeeded, silently, in a large part of consumers. It is a product that has strongly called the attention of many people. And Apple, which never gives stitches without thread, prepares the renewal of its headphones with a more advanced version in its audio quality.

According to the specialized report “China Economic Daily”, the US firm is working on the creation of a new model of AirPods that will come with the “Pro” label. The first details that have been aired suggest that the helmets will have a new design in metal, with the better sound quality compared to the current ones, but it is believed that the price will increase to 260 dollars.

The consumer technology giant, which has not officially confirmed this announcement, can market them in the “next few weeks,” according to sources in the manufacturing process. This filtration is in line with the forecasts made by the Chinese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his successes in launching the brand, who ventured to say that next year some new AirPods will be sold.

Another of the strongest rumors in recent months is that the arrival of future AirPods will incorporate a noise cancellation system in line with other proposals on the market. Various reports such as that of the consultant Above Avalon estimate that Apple has sold some 59 million AirPods since they were put up for sale in 2016, 34 million in the last year, representing an interannual increase of around 80%.

Comparison Between AirPods Pro and AirPods: How Do They Differ?

  • Although they may have belonged to the second generation, Apple’s AirPods headphones have been renewed with significant improvements. The new model, baptized as AirPods Pro in line with other devices of the brand, introduces an adaptive noise cancellation system as a great novelty. Its aesthetic is also very striking, and design has been completely modified.
  • Compared to the original AirPods, launched in 2016, it features a renewed button-shaped design. The difference is remarkable since it is passed to a concept inherited from the cable helmets marketed by the brand in recent years in the form of a water drop to a more sober one. Each headset comes with flexible silicone pads in three sizes that adapt to the anatomy of the ear. This is intended to offer a comfortable fit, something that also affects the insulation. With greater resistance to sweat and water – although they are not submersible -the new AirPods Pro are precisely more oriented to be an off-road product and even for sports. 

Noise Cancellation Is The Main Feature:

  • The most important function comes from a combination of hardware and software, the noise cancellation system. It is a feature that had been rumored long ago but not incorporated into the AirPods 2, launched six months ago. Now, the new model has two microphones that adapt continuously to the anatomy of each user’s ear. This eliminates background noise and, with this, you can get a personalized noise cancellation experience so that the user can focus on what they are listening to, whether it’s their favorite song or a telephone conversation.
  • Technically, the device is quite complex. The first microphone is oriented outward and detects external sound to analyze ambient noise. Thus, they can create an equivalent anti-noise that cancels background noise before it is perceived by the user’s ear. The second is oriented inwards and cancels the rest of the noise detected by the microphone. It is a function that can be deactivated with a pressure gesture from the bar since it has an “ambient sound” mode, which allows users to listen to music without isolating themselves from the outside world.
  • The noise cancellation is adjusted 200 times per second so that the sound envelops you when you listen to music, put on a podcast or talk on the phone. And if you don’t want to run away from the worldly noise, press and hold the pressure sensor on the elongated part of the headset: you will switch from active noise cancellation to ambient sound mode. So you can attend to your surroundings and talk with other people most naturally. This is, without a doubt, a great step since this type of headphones capable of “isolating” the person from the mundane outside noise achieves, without fit, a better listening experience, but usually presents certain disagreements when used in the street, where they can cause distractions that lead to an accident. They weigh a little more: 45.6 grams compared to 40 grams of their predecessors.

The Other Differences Between Them Are:

  • It is an amazing engineering piece. Both models, despite everything, share architecture. Both AirPods and AirPods Pro are based on the H1 microchip, which is responsible for everything working, from sound to Siri voice assistant, which can be activated easily by saying the magic words “Hey Siri” without pressing any button. The case of the new models also allows charging. The autonomy is in the levels of its predecessors, around 5 hours with the battery of the headphones, extending to a day if they are recharged by the case, which has also varied its aesthetics.
  • Another of the novelties introduced is the “Shared Audio “function, by which you can link two pairs of AirPods to listen to a song, a podcast with whoever you want. The new AirPods Pro comes standard with a wireless charging system, while the previous ones are a special version that comes from a case compatible with this charging method. As for the price, the truth is that it is an important decision since they now cost about 260 euros compared to 179 euros of the “normal” version.

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