4 Changes In The Workplace That 2020 Has Left And That … Will They Continue In 2021?

With less than two days until the end of 2020, it seems that this year we need more than ever to clean the slate. Or maybe not so much, since although it seems that we are approaching the beginning of the end of Covid-19 with mass vaccinations, there are some changes derived from the pandemic in the workplace that is positive. What are these changes and, above all, are they here to stay?


Teleworking, which has been talked about a lot but has not been a reality until now, is among us. In 2020 it was established more or less forcibly, but currently, there are many companies that continue with this model totally or partially.

Team Management

All employees have certainly lived through a process of adaptation to work in the Covid era, but leadership has been specially tested. The main challenge has been the coordination and organization of remote teams. In other words, developing projects and directing teams towards common goals, also trying to maintain their motivation in such an atypical context.

For this, the lack of human contact has been made up for thanks to technology, specifically video calls, another of the most popular terms of the year. Platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams have been the scene of status meetings and day-to-day communication between colleagues, managers, etc.

Communication With the Customer

In the same way that internal communication in companies has changed, so have customer relationships. Gone are the trips by taxi to customer and supplier offices, or room reservations to receive our contacts in the office. Instead, technology has again made it easy to hold videoconferencing meetings, combined with ever-present traditional channels like email.

We have learned to communicate with clients from a distance, which has saved time and costs although a certain human factor is also lost, essential when it comes to managing projects with clients, strengthening ties, and, of course, achieving new synergies, and reaching potential clients.


Last but not least, in 2020 we have had more time to ourselves. Yes, for ourselves individually and for our loved ones.

Endless traffic jams, subway and bus delays, and long hours at the office gave way to work from home, better work-life balance, spending more time with the family, more games with the children, and having evenings longer to dedicate ourselves to our hobbies (at home).

On the other side of the coin, it is true that sometimes it has been more difficult to disconnect from work (after all, the spaces were blurred and the office moved home) and for many people it has been a challenge to telework with children at home all day, to name one example.

In short, our way of working has changed, a lot. With its pluses and minuses, the balance is positive, although we will have to wait if these changes are more than temporary measures and end up being established as a reality in companies in the sector when the pandemic ends (finally).

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